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5 the morning
The morning came again I woke up to the bell My aunt had been awake for a while and opened the door Zsuzsa came over early this morning to take us to the Tisza beach and leave on time By the time I stopped sleeping in the morning I woke up and went to the kitchen They were talking over coffee
- Good Morning Sleepyhead
- Good morning to you too What's new?
 Stella's not coming because she's going to her friends ' house It's just the three of us - said Zsuzsa
- Too bad - I noticed a little disappointed
- Take your eyes off her She's only 13 "Juzsa" said Zsuzsa " is it not enough for you to have two women?"
- Yes you can
- Then give me a kiss
I walked up to Zhuzsa and kissed her on the lips Right after that I noticed my aunt's envious look on our faces
- I don't get any?
- Yes you can - And I held Bobe and I kissed her too
I had breakfast and went back to my room for a little typing but soon I heard giggling and whispers from the yard I looked out my room window and I saw them Böbe and Zsuzsa fooling around I watched them carefully from the window so they wouldn't see me They were both in bikinis and hugging Zsuzsa held his waist and their breasts touched They looked at each other and then Zhuzsa kissed my aunt He was surprised and they laughed
They repeated the kiss again and again Meanwhile Zsuzsa took off my aunt's bikini top and stroked her breasts Only Barbe held Zsuzsa and sighed Then Zsuzsa took my aunt's nipple which turned her on and stroked Zsuzsa's back and her butt A few minutes later Zsuzsa's bikini top came off and the perfect breasts of the two women were a sight for sore eyes For a while they hugged and caressed each other They lost their bikinis in the process Zsuzsa began to pet my aunt's pussy which she enjoyed very much Barbe sat on the garden table spread his legs and Zhuzsa stood between them and they kissed again Zsuzsa gently rolled my aunt back and began to caress her from her breasts through her belly to the pubic Hill back and forth Then it was her pussy He caressed her and then he stuck his finger between her lips Barbe shook his thighs and sat up
- What's the matter? - Zsuzsa asked
- Nothing
- Then relax - and he poured Bobé back on the table
He reopened his legs and began to caress his increasingly wet pussy Zsuzsa kneeled in front of him and bent between his thighs He pulled the cunt apart and then he saw something behind the little lips
- Oh my god Barbe Are you a virgin?? How did you stand it?? - he cried out suddenly Ashamed of himself he tried to explain himself red but not a lot of voices came out of his throat
- You know you have to do something about that right? Are you going to be a nun? Or do you want to be an old maid forever? Fuck yourself
- I don't want to do it to just anyone I'm afraid they'll just use me
- What about Pisti?
- I thought about it but I'm not sure yet
- You'll end up like the Julika The spinster's over 40 but she still hasn't been with a man Neither did his two sisters I'm telling you he's gonna die that way That's how you'll end up Ten more years and the dog won't even want you
And I tripped as I backed out of the window And they looked up and they put on their bikinis and they walked towards the kitchen I pretended to be a sleeper but I don't think they fell for it I stayed in the room for half an hour before I joined them Probably because of Zsuzsa's surprise or because of something unknown to me the beach was cancelled So I was better off resting in the morning and then I went for a walk in the afternoon and I'm starting to care about this Julika
6 Chapter 1-photography
At lunch he was very quiet I asked him what was wrong but he denied it I asked him if he and Zhuzsa had a fight he said they had a little disagreement He found out I heard them
- Who's Julika? - I asked him
- She's a superstitious woman down the street He's got a bit of an old-fashioned upbringing On weekends his two sisters visit him
 And is it true that she's still a virgin?
- I don't know for sure but I've never seen anyone courting her Why?
- I'm just curious - I told you a little confused
 Oh right you can't lie to me you're stalking her
- I'm not
- Don't deny it it's got your imagination running wild I'm not against it but I don't think you'll succeed I just want to save you from disappointment
- I'm not losing anything
- And you don't care about me anymore?
- Yes you can You just won't let me fuck you
- We can still have fun right?
- Yeah just not the right one
- Maybe it'll come to that
I went back to my room searched my travel bag hoping I'd put my camera away After a few minutes of digging I did I went to Bobé's to make him happy()


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