Teen Friend Wants Threeway With Step Brother And Step Sister

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My phone rang my girlfriend called and when I answered she said "Don't forget it's the party" I've been looking forward to this evening This is my first house party Unfortunately the boy I really like won't be there because he's sick but a lot of cute guys have been invited I put on my favorite pants and a top that didn't cover much and I was on my way I had to listen to my parents say " take care don't drink mixed alcoholdon't smoke don't do anything you'll regret blah blah blah (that's what they always say when I go to a disco)but this time it was different for them too because I was about to go to a house party When you weren't paying attention I dropped a bottle of champagne in my purse that was left of one more guest (It was a condition that everyone bring a drink )
I got there at 9: 00 though the party started at 10: 00 My friends just got therethey were standing in front of the mirror putting on makeup As I looked through them I could see they were getting ready for this party too When they were done we went down to see if everything was all right for the rest of them to be here My girlfriend's parents left at 9: 30 We had the house to ourselves
The first people came at 10: 00 and then at 11: 00 there were about 35 or 40 of us We didn't think so many of you would come They brought a lot of booze so everybody had plenty As we watched everyone had a good time Some danced some talked some played foosball Then we figured we'd play strip poker A lot of people liked that idea I've had a lot to drink by now and I've had a really good time One of the boys I've known for a long time sat next to me at poker
I lost in the first three rounds so (even though I put on three layers of clothes) I was just about to take my top off I was about to pull it off when the boy who was sitting next to me (we call Adam now) put my top strap back on my shoulder and said We'd make an exception and you don't have to take it off I really liked that because even though I drank I didn't want to sit in a bra We were both tired of playing poker so we sat in one of the corners talking and drinking We talked for like an hour while I was dancing with my girlfriends Adam was just watching me dance and smiling Around 2: 00 my friend the host told me if we were going to go upstairs and sleep with her in her parents ' room Because he saw that he was no longer needed here because there were those who had gone home like us who had gone to one of the rooms to take a nap or something We went into the room and Adam was lying in the middle and we were all around him We talked at first but Adam was getting closer to me and then he put his arm around me and I put my arm around him and we just kept resting
After a while my girlfriend got tired of lying down so she went out but before that she turned on the light looked at US and said "I'll let you get some rest"and he smiled at me After he left we stopped talking and listened to what the others were saying outside During this time Adam's hand fell under my top and caressed my back He kept caressing me and I tried to pretend to sleep but I couldn't because he was touching me so sensuously that I shuddered He noticed that too because he was braver now and he put his hand in my pants and he was stroking my butt My eyes were closed but I could still feel his breath on my face He caressed me for a few more minutes and then kissed my face and caressed my hair I really enjoyed that and she noticed that His mouth was very close to my mouth but I was lying on my stomach so I made it hard for him But I couldn't take it anymore I suddenly lay on my back and waited for him to do it He took advantage of the situation and kissed me Gently sensuously and slowly It was so nice to finally kiss you
Meanwhile he had one hand on my hair and the other hand on my stomach I put my hand in her hair while we were kissing and my other hand caressed her back He started kissing me down First my neck I loved this and then she put on my top and took my bra off()


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