SisLovesMe – Angelic Step-Sis is A Horny Slut

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It was a cold foggy autumn evening and the outside thermometer of the car showed 14 degrees The air-conditioning of the car buzzed softly and the silence could be cut Kata holt was sitting in the passenger seat pale and scared He didn't have the courage to speak because he knew that now everything could only make things worse for him As we walked along the forest road through the foliage of the trees the moon lit up the car As I looked at his face Tears glistened but he could not touch me and I could not let his crime go unpunished
It took us about 10 minutes to get to the clearing where I designed his torture This place was no stranger to Kata for it was not the first time we had been there together I stopped the car in the middle of the clearing I turned on the inner light and then I broke the long silence with my voice
- Get undressed  Kata almost jumped out of the seat on my sudden command
He began to undress without saying a word Being a gray he was wearing a thicker sweater and a light blue worn jeans with sneakers She started stripping with her sweater As the lights came out my penis began to thrive her breasts were beautiful apple-sized firm not for nothing that she had only been 18 for a few months By the time the lace bra came off my manhood was completely stiff so I rushed him
- I don't want to wait till morningHurry up or you'll get it for this
He took off his pants and thongs but he wanted to put his shoes back on
- You won't be needing that
She was sitting right next to me naked In the back seat I had my props in a duffel bag for the day so I pulled out a leg cuff tied his legs together so he could only move about 30cm I tied his hands behind his back with a rope and then I got out of the car and I dragged him out
- You got 30 seconds to run I want you to know that if I catch you you're gonna be in more pain than you've ever been in before because I'm in a very brutal mood today
Kata went into the forest and it had not even reached the clearing when I went after her With a whip in one hand and a long rope in the other I didn't have to hurry I caught up to him early he could barely move 10m into the woods
I followed him in the range of the whip and I used it on his back and his hands and I followed him from about 3m and I saw clearly as the whip drew thick red stripes on his soft brown skin With each blow he increased his steps to avoid the next but to no avail
He was in such a hurry until he fell in his own legs and I was able to catch him completely He was on the ground moaning The fog made the VAR wet on his face and on his skin
I'm gonna turn it over on your back so I can see your eyes It was clear from him the pain the fear of what would happen to him now
- You little bitch Well I didn't catch you Since I hunted you down I can do whatever I want with you You get 15 whips on your tits you count it and one by one you thank meIf you screw up we'll start over - I told Kata with a straight face
- Yes Sir "Kata replied routinely
I was able to boost my hand and chop it off and hit both her nipples at the same time She screamed in pain and said it with her teeth pressed together:
- One Thank You Lord for punishing me - his voice felt pain
Then came the next and the next He had no problem taking down 15
Her eyes were already filled with tears His light makeup left a blue stain on his face
I put his hands on his knees and tied them to the front I'll tie my rope to it and then I'll start dragging it after me
We're not going far I threw my rope over the branch of a stronger tree and pulled it up so it could only stand on tiptoe I left him tied up in the tree and I went back to the car to get my stuff
I just want to ask you a question:
- Any last words? - and I looked at Kata questioning
He still didn't have the guts to speak just shook his head that he didn't intend to beg So I covered his mouth with a medium-sized Dilbo


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