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Back in elementary school I had a big crush Her name was Niki I loved her very much but at the time I was too immature to take the initiative She wasn't" evolved " then but I liked her already But in spite of everything he never cared about me because he had a crush on one of my classmates When I graduated from elementary school I used to think for a long time that I'd never see her again or anything like that but after a while I put up with it and I gave up on her
One day I got a call from a big buddy of mine in grade school saying it would be nice to get together for a party Of course I said yes right away and I was hoping Niki would be there The party was a week later I've been looking forward to it When the "big day" came I prepared everything carefully in the hope that something would happen The party was at 7: 00 pm When I got there I had two friends two girls and of course the host That's when the fear of being stupid of hoping got to me But before I was completely desperate the girl of my dreams appeared I was very surprised to see it Over the past three years she's been a knockout She had beautiful tits and fantastic ass
He was wearing a tight top and a miniskirt The first program was bacon baking He was sitting next to me It smelled so good it made my dick stiff We were talking about-how you have to go to school whether you have a boyfriend Fortunately there wasn't I was very happy to hear that We were getting warmed up And then we went in and while we were eating I started eyeing him and he was in on it I was really into him The real party started around 11: 00 Music dancing a little drinking and I was really really psyched about it I asked my buddy to do something slow When I heard the beautiful melody I asked her He was very happy to accept it When the song was over we started kissing in the dark and I told him to retreat and continue there not to be disturbed by the others I've wanted this for four years and all night We went to a room


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