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We've been watching the girls at the party for a long time We were tired and all we came down here to do was drink I didn't have a steady partner for years just casualThen Barbie my friend's girlfriend arrived with two other girls Zsuzsi and Nóri Zsuzsi was short skinny perfect body long brown hair Nori is taller with small breasts and short blond hair The two girls seemed like good friends We had a little chat and then I asked Zsuzsi to dance We were dancing slowly and we were dancing together when Zsuzsi remarked:
- How come you haven't had a girlfriend in years?
- How do you know that?
- Ildi said
- Well I'm not in love with anyone
- But you had adventures?
- Oh yeah
- And you think I'm an adventure?
- No I'm not I'll just dance with you for now
I'm a little surprised by that last question but I like a girl who's so pushy That's why I didn't think of anything special I just pressed the word "for now" let's play a little gameDuring the next issue I gently dropped my hand on his butt She had a really nice hard ass I caressed her gently and as she sometimes leaned back she danced erotically and I accidentally kissed her neck I could feel it shaking And then I looked up and saw Nora looking at us and smiling That made me a little embarrassed Zsuzsi also noticed and asked:- Don't you want to dance with Nóri? He's so alone
- Why are you sending me away? Am I boring you?
 I don't just care about my girlfriend We have everything in common
"So now I am everything" I said and smiled I was beginning to understand what you were trying to do - You're not lesbians are you?
- No but sometimes we thought we could try it
- Like now?
 Instead of asking stupid questions Why don't you go dance with him?
- So be it - and I went to get NoraThere was a latin dance coming up but it was like she ignored it He danced with me so erotically that even in the dark my dick was perfectly visible through the jeans - how palpable After a strong "butt rub" Nóri asked:- Are you out of your mind?
- That's not my mind But he's very different
- What I don't know is did this happen at my place or at Zsuzi's?
- It was a perfectly premeditated matchWe both laughed and as if it was natural we took each other's hands and went out Of course Zsuzsi joined us I didn't understand the lack of words either - though there were references but all three of us knew that what was coming next would be a decisive night in our livesWe were in the back of the cab I was in the middle The cabbie looked a little strange when I kissed the other girl sensuously but he didn't look back- Do you guys do this a lot?
- What's that? "asked Zsuzsi innocently while Nóri was massaging my largest part of the body at this moment
- What about picking up a guy and playing games?
- No it's the first time We had to drink a little to have courage - that's what Nóri said and of course Zsuzsi gave a massage
 Ildi told me a few things about you and we thought we'd try this with you "Zsuzsi said and Nórin was the line for the massage"
- We'll talk about the rest in the morning okay? - I told you since we're hereUpstairs in the apartment and then I went to open a bottle of champagne By the time I got back the two girls were just licking each other in their underwear I sat quietly started sipping my champagne and I lit a cigar The two girls noticed me but they wouldn't stop the show Slowly the panties came off Nóri and she turned to me to see her hairless pussy and she put Zsuzi's head in her lap It was a beautiful sight to see the soft female tongue chasing my tongue five minutes ago completely disappearing into a wet pink pussy where in a few minutes my dick will be gone Zsuzsi approx He licked Nóri for five minutes when the intense heat of Norine was already visible He looked at me and waved his eyes I went over there I sat next to him and he started sucking on me with his head sideways He saw this and stopped licking:- no fair I've been working before and now the pleasure is yours?
- don't worry it's your turn - I said it laughingThe two girls sucked licked sucked my dick at the same time When I thought it was almost enough I was lying on my back and the two girls sat across from each other and Nóri introduced my cock into his well-prepared pussy and I started preparing Zsuzsi's pussyNot only was the pussy beautiful hairless and pink even the taste of it made me feel supernatural I was so busy enjoying myself I didn't realize the other girl was getting off my dick- Is that enough?
- I'd like to switch slowlyThere was a change of venue and I went from one astonishment to another (this taste was quite pleasant) and continued to lick I think my dick and my tongue did a good job together because all I could feel was his thighs stretched over my head shaking and lying down beside me on the bed Zsuzsi stopped moving on my dick and watched his swooning girlfriend with interest- Can I just have this Big Bear? - you asked him
- Well it's just a few more minutes before I wake up Take it - and he smiledZsuzsi lay on his back and let me be in charge for the first time tonight
He put his knees up and let me see the beautiful now quite dilated hole I slowly put my dick in and stopped His last moments didn't go away without a trace because he started moving That worked out pretty well for meI almost had to try not to go So I started moving around and I was fucking at an awful rate The first orgasm came but as soon as it calmed down he moved his foot on my butt pointing the rhythm to the next orgasm His second enjoyment was even more powerful he moaned loudly he shook and at the end he lay motionless with his eyes closed But he smiled Erotically Suddenly I heard Nóri's voice - I almost forgot it was there he begged me to have anotherThey switched places quickly - as fast as Zsuzsi was in his weakened state and Nóri introduced my dick to himI started fucking her fast too When suddenly the first loud sigh came and I looked at him questionably he replied " I played with myself while you were done"
While I was working I could feel Zsuzsi coming up to us and taking turns kissing us It was kind of weird too having sex with someone but touching someone else's breasts and kissing someone else
Nori had a second orgasm too soon and it was also very loud I couldn't take it anymore and I pulled my dick out right into Zsuzsi's mouth He began to suck with great pleasure and when he felt that my end was at hand he took it out of his mouth and gently milked it into Nóri's mouth and then bent down and took what was rightfully hisIt must have taken five minutes for the two girls to kiss while I brought champagne and cigarettes as well as a good host We sat down next to each other and touched champagne drank cigarettes and watched each other Suddenly Zsuzsi spoke and said to Nóri:- I think we should keep it
"Let's see what he gives us when we've smoked the cigarette" said Nóri starting to gently agitate the base of my ACORN with his thumb"


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