Girlfriend Loves Getting Fucked

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On one of the few cooler overcast days of this summer I thought I'd visit one of the major exhibitions It's a work day but I've done all the necessary things and I don't want the rest of themI just wanted a little culture There are hardly any people at the exhibition so I can at least take a look at the pictures
I was staring at one of them and suddenly I heard a beautiful woman's voice I turn to the voice and I see a woman smiling smiling very attractive at first sight A light black dress in a womanly form with a cleavage just as big as the one you can see but not ordinary tanned skin brown hair big brown deer eyes I am immediately filled with erotic thoughts about him but I try to tame them and act like a gentleman It's hard :)
We're going to talk and then I'm going to give him a little tour and I'm going to try not to be smart and he's obviously having a good time Unfortunately we're running out of pictures but I don't want to part with him so I'm gonna take him to the coffee shop a little timid He's relieved to accept it and in the coffee shop we talk about him mostly He's been living in Germany for decades he's a much older wealthy husband he's a stay-at-home the kids are bigger they're less of a problem He's visiting his mother and he's leaving tomorrow The way he looks at me again I'm filled with desire and I don't care if it's possible to see it I'm not a good actor :)
The conversation turns back to the exhibition asks me how I know so much never seen much of an art historian in a suit I'm embarrassed to say that I just like to read and I just got an album on the artist and that's knowledge even if it's superficial Well the end of the conversation kind of turns out we're going to my place to see the album We get in his car I can feel the heat between us we're talking about something else but we're thinking about sex at least I'm sure I am As we crawl through the city of pest I turn to him and put my hand on his knee Either I've understood your metacommunication your body language or I'll be rich with a quick slap and suddenly removed from the vehicle :)
I can feel it shaking from my manly touch He's wearing sunglasses so I can't see what's going on in his eyes She turns to me moistens her beautiful lips with her tongue and puts her lovely hands on my hands and gently pulls them up directing them to the inner side of her thighs and putting her legs wider I caress it gently sometimes I squeeze it hard Her skin is getting hotter as I move towards Venus ' mound At a red light I lean forward and kiss her gently and then I bite her neck I put my big hand on her pussy and I'm going to be careful exploring it She sighs and closes her thighs and my hand is caught in a hot trap I'm gonna pull over the black lace French lingerie and start playing with her clitoris Her body's tightening she's breathing deeper and deeper and I slide my index finger into her heavily-wet pussy
I moisten my thumb with lechery now I have two fingers in her vagina while my thumb excites her clitoris It's swollen I want to put it in my mouth but I can't do it in traffic I'm going to switch to a bigger turn than the next red light and as I keep moving it in and out of her pussy my fingers are screaming and enjoying round and round she's going to sit on my fingers and squeeze the steering wheel so hard that her fingers turn white He's panting and smiling at me I'm particularly concerned that I can't see his eyes under his big sunglasses
We'll Park in front of my house as soon as we get through the gate I'll pull her close to me to the point where she can feel my long-standing manhood We eat each other wild until a hard-eyed retired neighbor shows up running from him to the elevator I start the elevator but suddenly with an idea I stop it between two floors I hold it against the wall I hold my thighs between her thighs she starts riding it she slips up and down My pants get wet as he gets excited he reaches into my pants with one hand and starts playing with my Acorn He hands me his hot palm and I whisper in his ear how much I want him here and now but it's really unnecessary because he can feel it My tongue in her mouth she bites and puts my hand on her breast I start massaging him and then one of the" dear " residents starts shaking the elevator door so I start it again
I can barely open the apartment door and he's not making it any easier for me when he grabs my bag through my pants As soon as we get in I'll lift it and put it on the kitchen table Let's rip each other's clothes off the bra won't work on me now and in a few moments her brown nipples will be exposed Her breasts are tough tight plastic but luckily she's quite sensitive for someone with plastic surgery The wealthy husband thank God wasn't stingy when he got his wife's boobs done and if he's stupid enough not to use them I'm gonna take good care of them


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