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I've been reading the stories for a long time and I have to admit that some of them I really liked so I thought I'd share with you one of the most erotic experiences of my life that happened to me in Croatia last summer To begin with I must say that I am one of those men who is extremely aroused by the presence of their beloved in his presence with him with other men and men However this does not mean that I am bi but I really like it when other people caress Chris but unfortunately I did not have this adventure until last summer And what is my love? I think and I know others think it's extremely erotic Not the woman who puts everything out and tries to draw attention to herself no she did not but she suspected little of herself but this is the thing when little is more She looks very good: 5 '9" thin short blond hair not too big but with nice breasts and divine buttocks Her butt is really great and it fits in very fine hands especially when you rub your dick in it Let's not get ahead of ourselves
So last summer Kriszti and I paid for a social trip and we went to Croatia specifically split Before I went on the trip I got her to buy a new bikini which was a little small so she left a lot of her breasts open but as you can imagine I didn't mind We were traveling with a rather tiresome group but I didn't really care because all we could think about was how beautiful the beach would be I was secretly hoping for other things of course because Kriszti always has more sexual appetites in the summer so our travels are quite good In the first few days nothing was unusual but the third day we went out to dinner we passed two Croatian guys in their 20s sitting on a bench outside their bungalow looking at the girls My sweetheart had a tight white top and a short unshaved denim skirt so the boys noticed they started whispering I guess what they said to each other I was a little surprised to find that Kriszti was not indifferent: she gave the boys such a flirtatious smile that I thought I was blowing my mind and it was clear to me that she wanted to have fun with the boys
As we passed them I put my hand in his butt and the boys looked at us with envy And then we made great love last night and I made a joke and I said "Don't tell the Croatian boys" and all he said was "you're stupid" but I could see in his eyes that he was messing with the idea He knew by the way that I wouldn't mind a group because we talked about this before And then the next day when we were down on the beach all of a sudden there were these two boys who saw us last night who decided to settle down near us I tell Kristi that these two guys are here but she didn't seem to care much about them but at the same time she was less concerned about whether or not her panties went into her butt or if her bra slipped away In fact he did things like putting his butt on his hands and knees towards the boys adjusting his towel and applying long and erotic gestures to his belly and long thighs I thought it was better to lie on my stomach than this part but the two guys couldn't really hide what they were looking at Nothing happened for a good half an hour and then I see these two boys coming up to us
They were a little embarrassed and asked if they were bothering us and we said No and we started talking and it turned out they were college students and they came down to the beach for a few days  I was a little envious of how well-trained boys they were and I knew that Kriszti was looking at their shoulders and the areas below because these not-so-muscular but muscular guys were always his type Mario and his friend (I forgot his name) stole a look at my lover and sometimes they were embarrassed when they caught my eye But the desire was greater in them and Kristi smiled so erotically at us that slowly all three of us had to take care not to drool Well when he went into the water he came out running ten minutes later and his breasts were gently jumping up and down and his nipples were staring hard I was almost afraid they were going to pierce the thin bikini top And then when my darling sat down with us she threw off her top with a sudden gesture I was surprised at that because he was basically a shy type and he refused to sunbathe half-naked even when it was just the two of us "I just want to get tan everywhere" he explained to me and suddenly I didn't know what to say because all three of us were just admiring the two wonders that lay ahead of us and I bet you()


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