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My name is Nancy My story is real my parents got divorced I stayed with my mom and moved to a new place because my last house stayed with my dad The new house fell out of the city center it was in a quiet environment we met friendly neighbors on the first day It took us two or three days to pack our things in the house we moved in A lot of people came to our aid including a very nice young guy I'm gonna finish high school next year and now of course I'm gonna get used to my last year in another one
Fitting in is never easy though I'm direct I'm easy to make friends with others I'm open enough not to be thought of as an over-the-top depressed child with parental burdens In fact I tried my best to adjust to things and most of the time I did I was very active in the last school and I'm not talking about being a nerd I used to go to all the things the teachers suggested hang out with friends girlfriends We did a lot of things together Sometimes pushing boundaries I was open to guys not to say I was the school's whore but I liked to mess with men I liked to dress like a woman to get the boys ' greedy eyes out I've had adventures with many men sometimes called back from before but I've always let boys who I really thought were right for sex satisfy my needs Grooming education female tribute Of course in this case there were extremes like sex 3 and in fact my best friend and I used to have sex on a regular basis So this is the kind of life that I have I won't deny it and I'm willing to do it Let's get on with our lives while we can Eventually I'd like to settle down husband children
So the point is one of the students at the new school was this guy named Donald who was so eager to help me and my mom pack for the new house I mean he introduced me to his friends here with his help and of course with my openness I made more friends During the summer holidays we used to hang out go to the city to party go to the movies sometimes to the theatre sometimes to the nearby towns We planned a small excursion of course there are a lot of scenic landscapes around the city where you can rent small wooden houses you can visit for several days
One day during summer vacation I ran into Donald during the day He didn't have a big average body type he wasn't fit but he wasn't obese he had a cute little face and he was always smiling Me too I was attracted to him but I never really thought that anything would happen to him Or after three weeks one Saturday my mom had a gig with her company in a neighboring town so she took off around 3: 00 pm and she'll be back around midnight I met Donald in the middle of the day and I suggested he come over if he wanted to We watch movies popcorn conversation I was excited about tonight
My mom after she left I ordered food whatever it is I took a bath but not because I was sure I was sleeping with the guy it's just hygiene Then he rang I opened the door Well it was a good time in there so I was just in a little shorts with an athlete on and a bra under it of course I invited him in he brought me a movie some comedy I didn't really listen to the movie I just stared at the guy he laughed he looked at me He got hot too took off his warm-up shirt Once I got bored and asked him if he wanted a drink he said yes Maybe it was just me but I felt like I was starting to tingle and I couldn't just sit there anymore We didn't even go back to the couchwe were drinking fine wine in the kitchen he was a little drunk for me So I asked the awkward questions if he had a girlfriend if he'd ever been with a woman I asked him about his sexual habits but he wasn't open enough My initial enthusiasm is gone I didn't feel the tingling at least not to him not anymore It got a little flat so I didn't know what to do with it
So I thought you should leave and I'd find someone else to satisfy the desire that she should have I sent her away that I was tired lying down and after she left I got dressed and headed to the nearest pub It was a lot around here but I already opened the first one I sat up at the bar wondering who might be fit to spend the evening with me I've had a couple of boys try me out but none of them even attracted me to my eyes But I saw him once A girl She had beautiful blonde mid-length hair jeans and a T-shirt in a group of friends I called for our eyes to touch and when he saw me staring at him he came up to me He stood by me because there was no room he bent over to my ear he pulled my hair back sensuously and he whispered:


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