Bratty Sis – Caught Her Girl Crush Giving It To Her Step Brother S10:E5

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I'm stuck in this cold room in front of my computer I should think of something warm to warm my body Maybe that hot summer day when you went to take a shower to cool off I've been watching you through the clear glass in the shower cabin The sight of your body and the heat began to swell my Acorn I was coming after you and through the open door of our bedroom I caught my eye on that little pear-shaped rubber ball I took it to you in the shower when you saw it in my hand a smile of ashy in your eyes You unscrewed the shower rose and put the tube in my hand You turned your back and stretched your ass to me in a gentle spread At first I watered my fat cock and in a moment the vizsgar made it hard With my left hand I took the shore of your butt and gently pulled it to the side I love this little butt Cute-proportional It fits with your erotically full body sort of a catch type but it's not big There was a small brown opening from which in every direction small and bright folds began You leaned forward even more holding on to the shower stall with one hand and reaching back with the other you grabbed my hardness I directed the water's beam towards your butt getting closer to it The pressure just stretched out your opening getting it in from the lukewarm liquid I caught the shower when you tightened my dick and we're very used to it and I know that's a sign for when it's enough After a few seconds two segments of your buttocks stretched out and radiated the spray of brown water Meanwhile I pulled out the little tube in the rubber ball and filled it with water As soon as your butt burst I carefully inserted the tube and slowly squeezed the water out I pushed the tube in a few times like you had an undersized dick in you You looked back your eyes looked like a lustful glow And then the river appeared again but it was much clearer now We did it twice more Once as a joke it was as if I had missed it I sprayed it in your vagina You turned around I put the tube in your hand You pulled my Acorn back and approached me from the front with the beam When I felt the water flowing through the small opening of my Acorn I touched your tight round breasts As soon as you took the shower from my tail even so hard I started to urinate in yellow We repeated this twice until there was no clear water The third time I didn't let him out I kept it to myself Then I turned my back and you did to my hairy ass what I did to you We did not dry the great heat quickly dried our bodies We went into the bedroom threw the blankets on the floor left the sheets on the floor You got on your hands and knees and I got behind you()


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