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Venezia meant nothing more to most people in the world than the vast megalopolis of Venice which is growing as big as London Paris Rome Berlin or even New York Tokyo and Bombay Wherever the small state came up everyone thought of the giant glass buildings the palaces hundreds of gondolas and the powerful master of the seas However that was not all Venezia was much bigger than that Bigger and more In addition to the gigantic city which had long overgrown and engulfed the cities with which he had engaged in a merciless war during the Renaissance there was a vast unspoiled nature spread across the small country Venezia wasn't just a city It included almost the whole of the territory that once belonged to the province of Italy under the name Veneto In fact it was beyond its reach Thus although it did not include its entire territory it was perhaps even larger than the former province
Far away from the city there was a dense forest on the side of the foreground From the winding Serpentine which stretched over the side of the mountains it was scarcely possible to see the sea or the capital on its shore The trees always covered it up The coach slowly rode on the dirt road which was flat They've forgotten most of the concrete They only paved the roads where the mighty have driven their precious automobiles from one city to another The horses were perfectly suited to the dirt road In fact it was even better than hard inflexible asphalt
The pounding of the Hoof had penetrated the interior of the car Bernardo twisted the edge of his coat in confusion He rarely wore such expensive clothes Mostly he preferred worn jeans and T-shirts But you can't stand in front of a Lord's daughter dressed like that Isabelle under the large trench coat which she probably lifted from her father's closet was wearing a fancy riding suit This attire alone was worth more than the Sonza family's entire fortune How would he look with a torn pair of jeans and a tattered T-shirt? But fortunately there are certain advantages to having a sister as Queen of Venezia For example you can buy anything at the expense of the Treasury This meant almost inexhaustible resources for him You can do anything you've dreamed of all your life without the Treasury showing up missing It's like a wealthy merchant throwing a coin to a beggar Nothing Negligible This amount of taxes customs and any other revenue will be paid out in no time But he still felt uncomfortable In a hurry he couldn't find any other place to get his fancy clothes than to buy one of the newly-sewn military paraphernalia The Venezia Army's Infantry was so insignificant that in essence all of its activities were parade during the holidays and in more critical cases law enforcement So they basically needed a fancy dress uniform worth millions more than a comfortable jacket to go to the front
The coat of velvet blue material fluttered a little I'm sure the soldier whose dress was originally made was a little bigger than he was but that was the closest thing to his size And anyway I'd rather it be big than small Bernard was annoyed by the gilded ornaments dangling from the deep blue jacket He felt like a dandy A spoiled aristocrat who spends all his time playing cards smoking cigars and chasing fancy women Although in essence it was his life when they weren't on their way somewhere with their rickety merchant ship but this is different She made Isabelle seem more restrained Though the girl's dress should have been an honor to all the ladies it was practical modestly elegant while she was unwelcome and limited in all her fancy clothes
The girl however seemed to have no problem with that at all He watched Bernardo's anxiety with a gentle smile on his face You must have laughed at him The boy took these things seriously He probably wouldn't act like that if he was with a girl from the same family as him It's no different for the aristocrats Only arrogant men want to point that out to the lower classes
- So what? - Where Are you taking me?
Bernardo raised his eyes and his eyes met her
"Surprise" he said forcing a smile on his face
Isabelle laughed He liked the boy's indecision You could just sort it all out if you made it clear that you didn't have to act the way you thought the nobles would be but then you'd lose the charm
They sat together in silence until the car reached the top of the mountain There he finally stopped fluttering Isabelle glanced out the window with an interest but she saw nothing but a small extermination around them


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