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I couldn't sleep the other night I was just tired on the bed looking at the ceiling when my sister's room was filled with loud words meaningless sounds Ah he's probably dreaming I thought but I went over to his room in case he had a problem or he couldn't sleep either I gently pushed the door in and I saw him lying on his bed and still sound asleep I came closer to him and I saw him sleeping without a nightgown and he was half-covered and one of his breasts was showing I leaned closer I've never seen him this close in person She had barely peaked little breasts her nipples in the middle like a little button sticking out sweetly Once again I was convinced that he was sound asleep and then I boldly touched his nipple with my finger He had a delicate touch and I lingered on it with my hands and then I put the nipple between my fingers Meanwhile the sister was sleeping sweetly not waking up to the caress I gently crushed the nipple with my finger so it soon grew and hardened He did not wake up he merely rearranged his face raised his eyebrows with pleasure while he continued to sleep breathing()


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