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I'm a 30-year-old man My wife Anna is 26 athletic and very desirable He's temperamental and always gets what he wants What's more important to know is that he has an unusual sexual appetite She needs sex every day and she's very open You can say we're both perverts Especially after what I did
Anna's a man-crush (and women but I wouldn't mention it) She didn't have a lot of partners she's very picky and that's why I'm glad to say she's mine He's got a sporty body medium breasts and a nice ass 5 ' 10 " and 60 kg A real woman who's very sexual But his appetite is limited to one person and that's very good She gets everything from me and she doesn't look for other guys she just doesn't care
I've always been excited to see other men staring at her on the beach at the disco anywhere I was never jealous because I knew she was mine and I was hers but I was just excited about these thoughts and what if? What if she had sex with another man? We talked about everything we wanted to do and I told him that and he was a little bit reluctant but I saw him get into his fantasy so I came up with a diabolical plan I figured I picked up an infection in the pool (I go swimming every day) and that we couldn't have sex for two weeks until I got over it Anna was desperate to understand that she could only count on her little hands for at least two weeks When I saw that I had completely made him believe it (it wasn't easy) I called a close friend of mine who Anna didn't know because I rarely met her and I never got a chance to introduce them But Levente knows who Anna is because I sent him pictures of her She said she was a very good woman We met in secret and I told him about my plan To my perfect plan I told him what I wanted and that I would starve Anna to death Levente proved to be the perfect man because he's handsome and he's a professional masseuse with his hands At first he looked weird but then I assured him it would be okay We agreed to contact you when the time was right
2 weeks later:
- Honey I have a surprise for you - I told Anna the news
- What surprise? - he asked me back
 We're going out this weekend for a little fun What do you say?
- Where to?
- Wellness
- Oh good Will the water be a problem? I couldn't wait for your infection to go away so I could give you a good ride
 Well I guess I'll just have to take a bath on Sunday
I Called Levente
- We're on our way
- When are you coming?
-We'll be there at 3: 00 Friday afternoon What room?
- Number two
Anna couldn't wait to get there
 To make up for it the first thing I'm gonna do is give you a big massage
- And you don't think maybe I should push my pussy hard?
- Don't worry we'll get to that  Anna had no idea what I was thinking with that sentence I knew he was desperately hungry and that the slightest touch would make him lose his head For my greatest pleasure I said I was going to the sauna
- I'll meet you back here in two hours Have fun - I told you
- Get ready ' cause I'm gonna squeeze everything out of you - he replied laughing
I waited until he left and then I picked up the pace He went into the bib and then the other door opened to the massage room I went into the bib locked the door behind me and watched through the glass My dick's already starting to swell up I told Anna she was getting a massage from a woman
- Hi - hi I am Levente Katinka's deputy Unfortunately he had to leave in a hurry so I'm gonna take care of you now I hope that's okay Anna right? - Levi greeted him as we discussed
- Yeah I'm glad  I saw Anna was surprised but I also saw that she had no objection to Levi
 Well make yourself comfortable we're about to start - My darling got all naked wrapped a towel around her and went to bed on the massage bed Levi came back with a bottle of Massage Oil She began to pamper her neck and she went down slowly and the towel just kept slipping down on my wife's back Every muscle in his body was massaged I could see in Anna's face that she was completely relaxed I was impatient waiting for you to get to the point but you can't do that quickly can you?
- You want me to rub your ass too? 'asked Levi
- Oh right Take your time  Anna must have thought Levi was gay and had no ulterior motive
Levi worked out my wife's beautiful buttocks in slow motion pulling the two half spheres apart I saw Anna's face for a few moments her lips were open and I could see she was getting excited Levi gave her thighs a massage then both legs and then turned her back Anna didn't resist at all thinking she was being treated by a gay masseuse()


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