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Holy shit That took my head off
I observed with visible disapproval the large Hawk which rested on Richard's shoulder with his claws carved deep into his skin
Richard is my uncle He's a big muscular man His eyes are open his lips are smiling except for the big nose that matches the beak of the "dog" on his shoulder There are two of us at the head of the little team in this foggy autumn dusk Autumn came early this year The rising wind is tearing and tearing the trees that are still leafy The horses are sad as well
Now that I have come of age my parents have decided that I have had enough of Abbot Thomas ' teachings and that I should now learn the real life swordplay control of the estate learn the people and learn the deeper teachings of the church
This is how it happened that I am moving from our place of birth to Tiszakirva to the seat of the nobleman Richard of Newberk from Sósfalu
The Prince That's what everyone calls him
But he is not a prince as he is not the Lords of Kings 20 and King's House even so is the name of the people
It's a long way to Buda Castlethey can't see from there until Whitefish The Prince of Transylvania is confined to the high walls of the castle among the Carpathian snowmen - fearing rotting death - and for these reasons the Raiders of the Lithuanian Empire are no closer to the city of Kiev
The "prince" owns the village you get the nine of them paid for by the rulers in the area and most importantly the ferry port which is the first crossing of the Tisza to the city of 20t
That's good that's good that's good But now times are hard and there are few travelers and perhaps even better for who knows what it is
"We're getting close" he said " Kira doesn't wander far if I'm not with her" Referring to this" dog" who I suppose was better off than that was able to thin out the weeds of the land around the Curia when he discovered the returning farmer
Suddenly his eyes turned blue It's been a rough couple of days
"We have received uninvited visitors" he pointed forward and spurned his horse The poor fellow picked up his head with a whimper and spawned his steps From the window of the church a flag was flying in the fierce wind The infamous flag of the Domonkos: the dog holding a torch in his mouth
As we arrived at the gate the guard had already reported to the high priest László His Holiness the pope's traveling envoy is waiting in the dining room
"A traveler" said Richard to himself This year hasn't been enough Drought rotting death and now by the end of the year God will send his dogs after us
Father Thomas taught me a great deal about the sanctity of the Inquisition as the main enemy of heresy but I also heard what the servants in the kitchen were whispering about the atrocities of the "dogs of the Lord" but I've never met them in person
As we entered a little skinny brown hooded figure rose from the head of the table
Richard kissed me on one knee and I followed his example As I ascended I was lost in the bottomless depths of his face looking at him This insignificant priest had a look that scared the blood out of my veins
There wasn't a lot of crowd at the dinner table today At least in the future there was always someone in the country of farmaura who had spent his evening meal with the prince but now only the abbot of Domonkos on both sides were we and the lady at the far end the Princess of the Prince
A fair-haired skinny sad-faced woman whose voice could be heard very little It is said that he is silent because although he has been in bed with the prince for seven years he has not blessed his womb with a new life
For a father of his size he had a great appetite for food and we barely bothered him
They already knew why while I was only affected by the depressing mood
After the food we slowly sipped my Lord Lawrence's wine The Lawrence kingdom had the best red juice in the area The southern slopes and the practices of old vincellér have made the mountain famous Even the Lord of his castle bought 20 barrels even though the obliged nine produced a fine quantity in the casamatas of the castle carved into clay ground
But now it felt the Curse of the region: after the heavy sweet-tasting deep wine of the Old years which had covered our care with a pleasant covering of spirit this thin red-red juice had only shuddered our souls in this humid cold time which had barely been mitigated by the girlish columns in the fireplace
Perhaps it was an infection when the old priest spoke in a rather vigorous tone
Let us look and judge The Lost Souls so they can find their way back to the right path or find peace in the mercy of the Lord
I shudder Father Thomas used to mention the Inquisition as the power and defender of faith
Fra Salitur Your Fra Salitur judge and executioner
Monsieur Richard will lead the way


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