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Orsolya - or as I have called her since I was a child aunt Orsi - was my mother's best friend but she was at least ten years younger than that which is about 35 years old Since he lived in an old cottage which was comfortable enough for all needs I had spent the summer vacation with him for a long time and aunt Orsi's son Tibi lived with us that is my mother in the capital
This year aunt Orsi was home alone when I arrived because her husband was on a three-week abroad mission We had a good time from the start and I helped tend the garden vegetables every day and we went swimming in the samosas I've liked my mother's girlfriend for a long time but now that I'm 16 I look at her in a different way Orsolya was a woman with a woman's body a slender yet full-bodied woman with beautiful breasts and a beautiful ass
We were swimming in swimsuits but Aunt Orsi by the river put on her bathing suit as tight as if I wasn't there Back home we weren't naked in front of each other but we didn't lock the bathroom door That's how it happened that one time I was in the shower Orsolya opened up and caught me in the plastic-walled shower stall The plastic wall wasn't completely transparent but you could see from the outside who was in the shower So Orsolya apparently saw what I was doing in the shower stall Anyway he pulled the shower door aside and called it in:
- Hello Adam Can I come in?
With my right hand I was still grabbing my dick but I unwittingly covered it with my left and I swallowed it
- Ha sure if you want
Orsolya threw off her dressing-gown with a sudden gesture pulled the door of the cab and stood beside me in the shower-room naked I couldn't spit or swallow in my confusion but she didn't let me think long she pulled my hands off my dick He reached down between my thighs with one hand took my scrotum and with the other he grabbed my penis which was coming up hard
- Wow that's big "you are a boy" he quickly corrected his surprised exclamation
I didn't object but after a few minutes I pulled my dick out of his hand
- No no no not here aunt Orsi Let's go into the bedroom
"All right Adam" replied The woman " but we will continue there only if you do not tell me that it is Aunt Orsi" Call me Orsi And stop calling me names
- Yeah sure Orsi It makes it easier for me
'Well before we go in let's soap ourselves while we're in the shower' she said with a smile He put a shower gel in his hand but he didn't put it on himself he put it on me I enjoyed the way he soaps all over my body but I stood still
- Come on you do it - said Orsolya - Or don't you like me?
"Yes I did" I said - But what will Mom say when she finds out I'm with Aunt Orsi? me with you
- He doesn't need to know everything Besides I think she'll be glad someone finally took your virginity Or have you ever been with a girl?
- Well not like that I was just petting
 Remember when we went to the beach together when you were three? No you probably don't remember You were just a little kid and you weren't wearing a bathing suit Well if only I'd known what was gonna happen to your cute little penis - Orsi laughed while soapizing my well-sized penis which if possible made it even bigger
When he was finished he smiled at me and raised him with both hands almost offered me his womanly breasts
- Now come on you soap me up
After I poured shower gel into my hands I knelt before him and began from the bottom: first I applied soap to his red-clad toenails his legs his long legs his tight legs his tight belly his broad hips and his relatively slender waist for his age When I got to the breasts which he was still holding slightly elevated I couldn't help myself and I started sucking on both of the preemptive nipples First the left then the right
'Don't do that please' said Orsolya with a deep sigh - You may not know this but it really excites women
He used it to re-open the shower faucet that he had locked away before the soap
When we both washed the soap off of you Orsi stepped out of the shower wrapped a bathrobe around her and went into the room I too got dry put on my shorts as a habit and followed
In the bedroom he was lying on the bed and he opened his arms to me
I went to the bed but before I lay down beside him he rose from his bed and kneeled at the edge of the bed First he put his arm around my ass and then he pulled the shorts off me With one hand he grabbed the tight scrotum and with the other he started beating my hard-standing cock with firm wrist movements I sighed and put both hands in her hair
- Oh - I moaned when he'd pulled the foreskin off my Acorn for the first time - Let's do this right ' cause I'm leaving


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