SisLovesMe-Dared My StepSister to Fuck

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It was April it was warm and no one other than Elm had ever laid on the shore by the lake enjoying the southern wind the bright blue sky and the smell of flowers opening
It was a secluded place anyway halfway between two mountainous settlements This spring the water of the lake was not very high but it did not really matter as the season was too early for bathing The trees did not cast a full shadow but the power of the sun had not yet been fulfilled That was the perfect fit for Plum who was lying on a blanket undressed on panties and bras offering himself to the fire god
He liked to come here from spring to autumn He liked these days the most when there was no one around On the one hand because he couldn't say his body was perfect (though it didn't look bad) but mostly because he didn't like people People are mostly rude and smelly And old And he's not old which means he's young well that also caused inconvenience He found young people very attractive
Especially boys
He lay there his full-bodied body tickled with grass with bees flying around He fell into his memory with his eyes closed
That class trip God it's been so long On the bunk bed where he was lying naked in his underwear his shirt tucked up above his chest and Chris between his legs licking him fingering him How eager he was how they both trembled with excitement because it was a new experience it was all new at that time: the way he came and then he put his hot smooth tail in his mouth and then he let his sperm squirt all over his neck
Then a darker memory crawled out of Aga's nooks and crannies He was 22 coming home from the disco alone and two teenage boys blocked him out They dragged her into the dark bushes to rape her And he wasn't afraid he just whispered to them that there was no need for violence And they came in line and then at the same time she offered herself to them shamelessly and she had enormous orgasms in front of the disbelieving swindlers
She got married later and it's ironic that he was ten years older than her It did not bother him at first but recently the age difference began to show in every way
The sun was heating up and his body was heating up Silvi smoothed you over He would have liked to have touched you but who knows it's a beautiful day anyone can come and all of a sudden he sensed that someone was watching him
He was a teenage boy standing by the lake looking carefully at him He was wearing shorts and a baseball cap He was very thin and he had a petrified face
Silvi kneeled and smiled at the boy
- Hi - hi
- Hello
She didn't feel hurt she just smiled even wider And there was crazy excitement Other times he did something about it but now he's letting feelings get in the way
- You're not coming here? - he asked the guy
The boy walked up to Silvi and smiled gently He looked younger up close but only his face She felt he wasn't inexperienced maybe he was dealing with a real man only this man doesn't have beer belly hair doesn't thin and his breath doesn't stink
- What's your name? "said Silvi
'Balázs' replied the boy making conversation
She had no idea what they were talking about afterwards or for how long All I know is that no one else showed up and that after a while the sun was almost hot like summer and they were moving into the bushes into the shade And that's when he first got into the pants of the guy who got stiffed in disbelief in his hand But then the boy pushed down the garment to give her more access and hesitated to kiss her Silvi kissed him back with real passion enjoying the touch of a smooth face and the stiff dick shaved bald in his hand
Balázs was shaking with excitement as Kris had been on that old bed twenty-something years ago when even his body was slender and his pussy was smutter and Silvi is still very excited When the boy reached into his pants and started sucking on his chest he moaned up in a deep throat and just pulled the guy's head in()


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