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When I was a kid I was a little nerd I didn't really care about worldly things like cars sports You know I was the kind of guy who'd rather make up worlds at home than go play football with the others I didn't care about the othersI had only one friend I played with Even when I was 12 I was a loner just him let's call him Gábor now so he was all I had as a connection to being secular It's not surprising that things like sex didn't bother me at all I used to look at girls with fear like them maybe even be in love but I really didn't care My friend lived a much more active social life than I did which is why he was more experienced He used to tell me things that I really couldn't imagine because they were so alien to me the little squishy Lamb My parents always came home around 5: 00 in the afternoon and during summer vacation we were together almost every day
Sometimes running away from the heat we'd spend time in the room several miles away with C64 games or movies One very hot (I had no idea how hot) afternoon when we were alone in the whole house sweating on the floor we both came to the unpleasant conclusion that the pressing of the threatening hands of boredom suffocates us so let's do something about it We were thinking about what to do but he'd play all the porn and whatever I'd come up with he'd tell us not to Suddenly he said "Me and a friend of mine Geza we're sword-fighting with our tails the other day He's got a very thick dick" Of course I picked up my head and I asked him with a confused look "what?" He answered firmly " We will raise and draw" Well jo I thought to myself it's a weird idea let's see And he got up on his knees and showed me something I'd never seen before My retina was burned with a naked and stiff penis like a spark and it blew something inside of me My stomach was cramping I felt hot and I got this strange feeling that I had a boner You didn't have to askI took it off For the first time in my life I'm sexually aroused and spontaneously aroused by the sight of a penis Gábor kept talking but I couldn't listen to him this new thing bewitched me enchanted me took me We're kneeling in front of each other with rhythmically throbbing tails which I can't take anymore so I have to sit down Gabor sat down Maybe it was quiet maybe Gabor kept talking I don't know I just sighed and watched us Sometimes him sometimes me He said I had a nice thick dick Indeed mine is thicker and stronger but roughly the same He told me that they do this to Geza all the time and the Geza squirts a lot which I didn't even understand at the time yet
Can I smell it? I asked you a timid question and you smiled sweetly I smelled him he smelled mine and then again "It smells like Dick"we laughed in good taste when we looked at each other's eyes and at each other's swollen love dicks I think we both cared about this moment Knowing what it felt like to be naked with a boy it was clear what swordplay was I may have initiated it myself who knows but with the "whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo" sounds we were at least half an hour sword fighting with our still-pumping genitals when I did one spontaneous thing again: caressing his butt and asking him to let me understand his Tushy with my dick He turned bent down and he opened his round little ass to me I still remember the mole on his butt I began to caress her with both hands her butt was cold and with my sweaty fingers I carried my hands to her hips grabbed her and held her to me and pulled her to my standing and hot cock and for the first time in my life because of the cooling touch I groaned in a long pleasant way It was a thrilling ecstasy I experienced I trust he enjoyed it just as much when I pointed my butt at him and he was tapping his dick at me pretending to fuck We heard a noise the lock went off hop dress up as if nothing had happened we greeted my mother (inside we were both trembling) The next day we were doing it as the only program and then again again()


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