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- It's been three long days I don't fit in this time of year
- What's three days? My friend is good when he comes home every two months for three days
- But then I guess you won't even get out of bed
- Yes you can - Pause for action - We fuck in the hall kitchen bathroom I can't think of a place that's still a virgin Chandelier?
- It would be enough for me if you could just go behind me and touch my hair
- You don't need much
- That goes for this one That's all there is to it during the day Out
- What's lunchtime for?
- Are you kidding me? Where do you think?
- Archives If you bend down from the bottom to the third shelf just make sure you don't hit your head on the board above it too often
- Don't say you
- How else would I know? Don't forget to bring a tissue but there's a tiny bathroom in the corner that works In case your hand gets dusty from the papers You don't have to wait for lunch which is urgent
 I'm just gonna go upstairs and bend over to the third shelf Is that what you think?
- You're forgetting something Don't go alone
- But now that I tell you for him?
 You tell him you haven't seen him in three days or tomorrow's the fourth day so let's go fuck in the records room If you don't like it you go to him you need some documents and it would be nice if he could look at one of them see what you're thinking and then you look up the rest sure in the archives
- But what document?
- Are you serious? It's a document on the third shelf haha
- You're amazing
- Come on they're taking the shelf away from you
- Someone else does?
- He used to suck there's everything Yeah for blow jobs you'll find a good chair in the rack more comfortable than squatting
Flower the 26-year-old clerk lifted his head put his hands on his hips and raised his voice as far as possible in the Hall of the office building:
- Who do you go there with?
Agnes the face of the 27-year-old team leader did not reveal any surprise For what is it that during the absence of his partner for two or three months he - in the meantime - has needs at home?
- Why do you care?
- Why are you keeping secrets?
- Hey listen If you're curious it's none of your business But if you're asking me to set you up with someone to go to the records room with I'm gonna ask the guy first if he wants to take on someone anonymous and then I'm gonna introduce you
- Have you done this before?
- Both ways He told me his buddy was interested so I offered him a partner
- And girl came to you? - it's a reptilian Flower  Are you saying that some chick came up to you and asked you if you knew a guy who would fuck her in the records room?
- Not just one But that's pretty much what happened I have to run to a meeting right now but I'll talk to you later "Agnes pressed the two or three-card vertically-folded document which she had so far swung in her hand and hurried down the long corridor towards the elevator
Two hours later
The phone rang on Flower's desk He could tell from the ring that it was an internal call and by looking at the screen he saw S Agnes
- Is the meeting over? - he asked
- Yeah but I'm gonna do another one real quick I was just calling to see if you wanted to have lunch?
- Who? With who? - In flower's head was the last conversation
- Tell your friend - it sounded from the device
- He can't be disturbed
"Then I will ask him if he can come" said Agnes impatiently " and meet me in the parking lot at exactly 12: 30" Okay?
- Yeah yeah  There was no point in continuing because the line was cut off
Flower asked a colleague for a loan in case you couldn't pay with a credit card and he was in the parking lot five minutes earlier than we agreed He felt like he was being watched from behind every shining window
Agnes and the two men who accompanied her seemed not to mind if all eyes were looking at them from the office building laughing as they approached Flower rejoiced in herself for her secret friend could make time for lunch so at least they didn't have to wait until after hours to see each other The other man is somewhere working on the transport they say hello in the elevator but he doesn't know anything about it Whatever The important thing is that Valentine is here
 We don't have much time - he conducted Bálint Flower's secret love and sat next to the other man in the passenger seat
Agnes in the back seat pressed her favorite colleague's hand and laughing pulled out her fist-clenched fingers her palm was wet with excitement The men were still discussing work-related matters
- Stop working - Agnes whiny
"You are right" replied the tall too thin colleague turning into the parking lot of the pension near the city However he did not stop by the entrance but parked behind a wooden house through the concrete()


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