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They made great love and none of them missed the company of men that afternoon And then they cooked something together and the delicious dinner was washed down with a couple of glasses of red wine They sat in the Jacuzzi and Susan finally agreed to continue with the story
- So the three wishes Since the boys and I have met a lot and you know how I am we've agreed that wishes really are used for something special It didn't even come up for a while Then they figured out how to open their own pizza place But things got more complicated than they thought The rent on the place they were looking for was a lot more than they expected In addition it has also been difficult to obtain licences In the end they figured it out - I should be the one to negotiate with everyone because a young pretty American woman might be more comfortable dealing with Italian officials I've been thinking about this: it's gonna be a lot of things a lot of things in exchange for one wish In the end we agreed I'd be a part-owner and I'd be entitled to 10% of the profits
First I went to the owner of the property to lower the rent He was an old guy so I figured it wouldn't be a problem but he was more sophisticated than I expected He said he wouldn't budge on the rent I took off my cardigan and I put a very challenging top under it So tight with a big cleavage The old man's eyes were popping out I convinced him what he was asking was unrealistic and the boys would pay decent rent As I was telling him that I emboldened it to him with honor He didn't want to give in That's when I asked him " what would I have to do to get him to accept the price I offered?"
He muttered and muttered about how an old widower's life was so hard and bleak and perhaps we could agree if I brought him the money in person every month Or if I'm busy a similar young waitress would do the same Plus he needs some kind of assurance that the rent postman would be nice to him I know exactly what he meant by winking at me
I sighed in awe muttering something like that-you're a great bargain Then I gave you proof
"Just to clarify what Signior Gatti means by kindness" I began as I slowly emerged from my top under which of course I did not wear a bra -- I could arrange that I or a man with similar advantages would hold my breasts and massage them gently The old man was no longer able to look me in the eye - young lady will bring you the rent At the moment of the handoff all she'll be wearing is a pair of panties and you'll be staring at her for half an hour at the most You can jerk off in the meantime if you want but no touching
The old man said he'd accept the terms but he wouldn't take his eyes off my boobs I had a feeling he'd give in even more to the prize if I gave in to him
- Look Signor Gatti I'll make one more suggestion: if you give me another 25% of the rent then mailwoman can be even nicer to you
The old man looked at me and said " What is she thinking?"
 Well for another 25% you don't have to jerk off
I saw the greed on his face I felt a little sorry for him because an old man like you can only answer to that offer
- What exactly are you thinking ma'am?
- If you accept my offer then the money delivery man -- I walked up to him and then I knelt down and I pulled his dick out of his pants -- will solve the problem of tight pants  I kept looking him in the eye and I put his dick between my tits and I started moving He watched his acorn reappear between the two huge piles He seemed to really like the view and he didn't seem to mind when I started sucking on the popping acorns with my mouth It didn't take long for the tail to start pulsing between my breasts The first two shots were directed at my tits and the rest I swallowed
Signor Gatti was a mess He was focusing his eyes on my jizz tits but it was obvious he was somewhere else When life came back into his eyes it was only then that I started licking his sperm off my breasts
Of course he agreed to further rebate For a while I went to him with the money and then I transferred it to one of the waitresses with the right qualifications
- What does the poor waitress say about that? - she asked Eve with a grin
- Oh he didn't have a problem The boys used him as a sperm bag when I wasn't around Marcella's an enthusiastic girl she loves cock as much as any of us They even had a dog fuck him once He was enjoying it


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