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The story takes place a few years ago My girlfriend and I had a fight three weeks before that I really missed sex so I called my ex - girlfriend's girlfriend who I knew would sleep with anyone at any time to see if I could find her and she said yes and she gave me the address of her apartment  After I found the apartment I went upstairs and Kati answered the door He invited me in but there were other girls in the apartment with no clothes on Katin was just a pair of panties and a bra We went into a room and he told me that he was a prostitute but I don't have to pay
She's kind of tall with Slender tits and a nice ass He said he had two hours off he could do whatever he wanted or we could fuck I didn't need any more I turned off her bra and she kissed me That's what I've been waiting for After her breasts I went down and I reached her panties From that I quickly plucked it out and found a very nice shaved cunt I laid her back on the bed and I started to get excited about her pussy which soon got wet Meanwhile he sat up and freed my dick and started playing with it I kept fingering him and he left pretty soon Then he got down on his knees and started sucking my dick At first it was just my acorn and then he put it all in his mouth I grabbed his head and I started banging my dick in his mouth He gave me a really good blow job and soon I sprayed all over his mouth and swallowed it and cleaned my dick Meanwhile I was stirring her tits and then I laid her on the side of the bed and I started fucking her from behind Slow at first but he wanted me to fuck him harder I didn't have to hold her hips anymore and I beat my dick all the way up to her beeswax until I came in
After the procession he was tired but for me my desires were insatiable so he told a girl who was free Her name was Erika and she had big tits She was practically wearing nothing but panties He got it right after my dick and he put it in his mouth right after he didn't suck it so good I took my dick out of his mouth and I put it on the bed and I stuck my dick in his still-dry pussy I had a big cock snapping and I was pounding his beeswax hard()


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