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She said" Good Morning boss"
I wasn't sure he'd show up the next morning and I was pretty sure he didn't But when I got to the office he was there at his secretary's excuse me assistant desk conspicuously embedded in the monitor and the violent punching of the keyboard I wonder what he's doing I haven't given him a job yet In fact I didn't officially hire him
I didn't know what to say "hi"or "what are you doing here?"well it's more like" Good Morning"I decided to sneak into my office After all I told him he could start today Looks like he took it seriously
The truth is I had a hard time sleeping last night I stared at myself for hours with a glass of red wine in my hand and I thought about what happened Luckily in the morning it all seemed like a horny dream I could see it on my usual morning erection God wouldn't let it go so I had to jerk off in the shower thinking about the night before I was hard-core but I really needed a nice warm pussy Instead leaning against the wall of the shower cabin I pulled my hands up and down on my log as the hot water flowing from the rain-shed gently caressed my skin I remembered the soft touch of her delicate cherry-shaped lips the grip of her hips on my waist with a swollen penis in her vagina as she writhes on me and I burst into the shower The sticky was difficult to drain through the sewer grate until it finally disappeared into the gutter I'm relieved now that I've relieved myself The tension in my head and the tension in my groin has subsided I don't do that often I don't need it I have plenty of women in my life if I have to wait for the right one Actually I found the right one once but I didn't want to get burned so much more often so I became more emotionally distant
I sat behind my desk and continued to ponder the night before I could have used some coffee but I didn't want to ask him Not until I know what's going to happen But I knew I was glad you were here I would have been disappointed if I hadn't seen him again
"Okay we can't go on like this we're grown men we need to talk about this"I've made up my mind
"Please come in" I said out the door that was left open
He opened the door quietly
"Yes Boss? he asked me in modesty in haste
"Bring me a coffee long three sugars milk And get yourself one just the way you like it"
While he was making the coffee I turned on the machine and connected the network Oops My calendar just spewed out all my things and messages today neatly organized That's what he did so intensely I love him already He came in with the coffees He picked a scented foamy cappuccino I wonder where he got the cinnamon on top
"Please close the door" I said and when he did I continued in a different tone:
"Come sit down I'm glad you're here" I switched to quiver and waited for his next move He didn't say a word he looked down
"You did a good job with my calendar" I was trying to ease the growing tension My heart was in my throat too
"Thank you" he said softly almost whispered that I could hardly hear him "So I'm really getting the job?
"You earned it yesterday if I remember correctly" I pined sarcastically I don't know why
Well at least that got his attention
"How dare you"He threw it at my head but at least he pointed it back But the moment passed and he hid behind his shield But I saw what I was looking for
"We need to talk about this just not here and not now You made a nice cup of coffeeI want to try your cappuccino tomorrow it smells great I put a wad of paper in his hand taking out my department head tone
"All right boss" he got out of the chair and took the paksame I hope that wasn't just my last sentence I called after him before he left "I usually keep the door open" so for now we're gonna go out in front of the others and don't call me boss Zoltan is fine if you're comfortable with Alexandra The rest tonight I hope you can clear your schedule Do you have a babysitter?"
"I'll do it" he answered with a slightly surprising edge in his voice as he opened the door
We almost didn't see each other that day He ran off to his kid's after lunch but he did a good job in the meantime I've been working negotiating but not very efficiently I've been thinking about him like all day Of course I took care of the paperwork for your admission and I was looking forward to the evening But I was afraid of him Who knows what to expect? And who knows what I really want? Because I don't But I wanted him that's for sure
I called his new corporate cell phone only it was off I had to get the private number off his resume and he picked it up on the second ring I didn't mean to stab him but I just couldn't let it go


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