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Mary was a beautiful woman and her children inherited it from her Julie your daughter worked in fashion a few times as a model just like Paul Mary's son
He was proud of both of you They're stylish and sexy dressed in the fashion of the day
Julie just turned 18 Paul turned 19 All they wanted was a fashion career The pay is huge but very few of us can make the top models They already had a lot of work to do and now they're at a crossroads From this point on they were under an even greater burden because they had reached the point where they had to call their contacts for help
Julie and Paul's father Tom helped build his children's careers you were a fashion photographer Apart from the family photos he didn't take pictures of them together because he thought it would be better for them to establish their place in the business separately Their mother Mary was the manager who worked hard and hard Recently he met with an old fox an old acquaintance of yours Stuart who was a senior photographer She still liked Mary who was married to her old friend back in the day So when she asked for her help she was happy to do it
Mary and her children arrived at Stuart's studio complex It was a wonderful place: a lively high-class building from last century full of antique objects and furniture giving a perfect background Over ten locations have been reported Tom used to rent a space here to take pictures
Stuart smiled wide and kissed Mary in the face as she entered with Paul Julie and one of his assistants by his side The children seemed somewhat disturbed by the size of the place but Stuart quickly helped the situation gave Julie a kiss and shook Paul's hand He pointed out how much they look like Mary
He told me that he had been going through the children's portfolios earlier and how impressed he was with the materials However he thought it would be necessary to have some undressed pictures because many fashion photographers like to choose from them
"If you find it inconvenient to take naked pictures now" he said " We'll just click a few fashion photos and the nudity will be postponed until next time"
'It would be better to get it over with as soon as possible' said Mary and the children nodded boldly
Stuart smiled at them:
- Don't worry I'm trained in thisit's my job to take naked pictures
A young assistant escorted them to the co-ed dressing room and gave each of them a robe While the kids were getting dressed Stuart was talking to Mary She loved attention and Tom hasn't given it to her lately Stuart complimented her on how beautiful her children were especially Julie who looked a lot like Mary She had the same adorable round ass and perky breasts as her mother
The children were led to Studio Four by the assistant who introduced themselves to them as Allison and then wished them good luck and went out Their mother joined Stuart The man took no time took Julie's robe off and took pictures She was shy about covering up her private parts which Stuart thought were really cute
Julie was amazing He was wonderful in front of the camera posing like a pro She's never looked so sexy and beautiful Mary was very proud of her daughter
Stuart was getting more and more comfortable taking pictures of the naked girl in front of Mary She was thinking about what Mary looks like naked It wasn't hard for her to imagineshe was the spitting image of Julie He decided to take pictures with the two women one day "What pictures would they be"he thought "Mother and daughter together naked"
Stuart took Julie in some really artistic settings that differed from what was usual in the portfolios He took really sensual muggy pictures He asked her permission to use these for a book he's Editing Julie was devastated by your shyness Before she could speak her mother answered
 I'm sure Julie would love that
Stuart was unable to stop fantasizing about what would happen if Julie was married to his own daughter Mary as he clicked the machine He was excited about it and inspired it to get hotter and hotter Hotter than he originally thought but no one resisted Mary became more and more excited as he spoke of his resemblance to Julie and took more and more open pictures Julie was already enjoying the attention she got from Stuart and she was eager to show as much as possible and impress the photographer who could make her a success Paul was fascinated by the sight of his sister posing openly with her legs open with clearly visible pussy Then Julie got down on all fours and Stuart took a picture of the young butt The butt and vagina were clearly visible in the camera


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