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I didn't have the strength to get up I was drawn to bed In such cases I would surely sleep but now I wondered who was tired of inactivity or if everyone got lazy and we fell asleep thirsty I didn't trust Gabi so if she hadn't changed she wouldn't have gotten up and now she's almost asleep The sound of the bed in the next room broke the silence: after a brief pause Andi's outline was drawn in the twilight " where can I find glasses?"I sent her to the bathroom as she turned on the light I was surprised she reached for the glasses in a T-shirt her breasts" rolled out " with the momentum of her movement between the straps of her shirt but even sweeter than that she wasn't wearing any panties
He brought the glasses on a tray and I did not jump towards the glass for in addition to my nakedness the pulsation of the branches forced me to withdraw There's no clothes and I can't wrap the duvet around myself "I'm sorry to turn this light on but I don't like to break anything "said Andi and she was standing beside me at the edge of the bed a reddish brown cotton-like emblem over my face not usual:" do you want to sit down?"and I asked him when he was already there and in order not to sit on the bedspread he folded half my naked body aside with one hand He sat up and his breasts showed the effect of the former Gabi didn't miss filling the glasses she came through in her little underwear It's interesting that Gabi didn't notice anything interesting about Andi's clothing it was natural to her but she couldn't take her eyes off her uncovered body He Of course seemed a little cold drew the Palan closer to him but of course not up to his neck just to the point where the cover made his breasts look even more beautiful "How beautiful you are my dear"I said to him" here's to beauty here's to Andi here's to Monica"We had a toast and the curiosity was strained under my blanket and I could not be alone in it because Gabi's dimensions were more and more pronounced in her pants
Gabi took the tray from Andi sat behind her stroked her hair and me and Monica slid into the inside couch and Andi leaned over me like a little girl and she touched me a little bit "Gabi can you turn off the lights?"he asked and I saw that he had become very hard Soon there were four of us sitting together with luck I was between the two girls but my hand was just stroking Pony's thighs Andi felt only his skin and I moved a little closer to him and of course just by chance our shins were quite touching and he moved it at a gentle pace and his caressing gave me a thrill and I enjoyed the situation by squeezing the Moni


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