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My name is Nicholas but everyone calls me Nick or Nicky My parents were clueless when I was born so a lot of their friends are still young To tell you the truth they're in their early 30s My father and his best friend Steven knew each other before I was born Steven married Megan when I was a baby Needless to say I grew up with them and I think of their daughters as my own two sisters
As soon as I started puberty I started to notice women I had girlfriends I lost my virginity when I was 13 with my girlfriend at the time The problem wasn't that I didn't revel in sex it was that girls my age weren't so clear about the whole thing To tell you the truth most of them did it just to tell you that they already did it not to enjoy the act It was the same with all three I've slept with: missionary position no oral rubber up haste When I was 16 I couldn't take more than a few minutes and that was really bothering me
Just under 15 after my birthday I started making friends with a guy who had a brother ten years older The brother loved older women and often shared his sexual adventures with us He always said " young people are hot on the outside but if you want someone who understands what they're doing look for older models"I started to notice my friends' sisters and their mothers but the sisters were too cocky to start with people like me and the moms were usually too old to dwell on a 15-year-old fantasy
It was early summer just in the 16th before my birthday when my love first became the object of an older woman And the best part is it's someone I've often met It happened to be my father's best friend's wife Megan She was my mother's age but she didn't look it A friend at school thought he was a senior
We all went to the beach one weekend last summer The sight of Megan in that divine bikini really caught my eye She has long brown hair pretty blue eyes and baran's skin He's a lot shorter than me about five feet tall Her hips are smooth and her 34C breasts are still pruning after two children All my life he's been around me but I can't help but notice how desirable he really is In addition unlike my parents she flirted openly with her husband pushed her desirable butt to her husband's tool or grabbed it from time to time if she thought no one was watching None of my girlfriends touched my dick and seeing her do that to her husband with that crazy little smile just gave me a hard-on
I spent most of the year masturbating to the memory of his ass moving back and forth and his adventurous hand thinking " What if he was touching my dick and stroking it?" As the months went by I realized that day and night I dreamt of what it would be like to take a dip in her delicate pussy or what it would be like to suck my hard-ass dick with her seductive lips to enjoy it Oh yeah I wanted to bang her pussy but I also wanted to see how much she could teach me about sex I knew I had more partners than she or my mother but I bet she could have taught me a set of perversions that the soot mob could never have dreamed of
That's how I spent my days at school I was half-assed and at night I was jerking off to endless fantasies I was so upset that I didn't bother my girlfriend with sex and she didn't even bring it up
Half of that summer my parents were planning one of their popular barbecue parties I knew Megan was gonna be there but when my friend Jeff asked me if I wanted to stay the night I didn't object I didn't want to torture myself by staying close to a woman I couldn't have The Megans never stayed more than a few hours Their children were still young in the senior grade and the little one was barely in the infancy Which is why they usually disappeared around 8: 00 I decided to go over to Jeff's before they arrived I was sure that if I saw him in shorts and top I wouldn't be able to leave the house and I would spend the whole night covering up my getting-serious boner
I got to Jeff's around 4: 00 but after spending the whole night watching his sister and her boyfriend have sex I decided it was best to go home and jerk off there I told Jeff I was coming home and I walked a mile and a half home It was almost midnight before I got here and the party was still going on As soon as I went to the backyard my parents were talking and drinking by the fire Megan's husband was sitting in a lawn chair across the line()


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