Orgasm 18 Years Old

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One Friday something happened to me that I had to tell you I'm a senior at a university and with my internship I don't have much time for adventure But this time the adventures found me
My friend Mike and I were just finishing up our squash party and while we were taking a shower in the locker room we were talking about whether we should go back to work in the office or go out for a beer It was only around 9: 00 but Friday the gym was practically deserted
As we were wiping ourselves and getting dressed we heard female voices coming from the door I thought only a few girls were coming to this pool so I didn't care We kept talking and dressing but a few minutes later we heard the female voices and even the giggling We looked at each other My Friend waved me to be quiet We were both thinking the same thing and we were quietly looking around the corner There were five girls They were half naked and they were whispering On their T-shirts they were members of the Tri-Delta circle which in college they used to call "everything for the eye nothing for the hand"
We got back behind the lockers and we talked about the situation
- What do we do? - I did Mike's answer was simple and clear
- Let's fuck these babes
And these girls were really pretty
We quickly took off our clothes again wrapped a towel around our waist and went to the next row where we could still hear the girls As we turned all five of them stopped as if they were surprised Let me describe what we saw:
Like I said there were five of them They were all very hot Three of them are completely naked two of them were clutching a swimsuit and the third one was bending over to take it out of his backpack so I could see the world's best roundest butt One of the naked girls had brown hair thin and tall enough small round breasts as well as small round buttocks and very long legs The other one with the swimsuit was a very tall blonde with her hair all tied together As I watched her nipples were getting hard The one who bent over was also blonde medium height and also held her hair together to swim I was staring blindly at his ass but then he stood up and turned against me She could have been the sister of the former blonde: just as big breasts fine figure but her butt was certainly larger with strong sensual lines to her smooth thighs And her pussy was amazing and I started drooling
The fourth girl standing in a bikini and bra had an exotic Asian face Her skin was olive her hair dark brown her eyes dark deep Like his girlfriends he had great legs and a firm delicate buttocks and narrow hips But mostly I was interested in her breasts Even though she was still wearing her bathing suit her breasts seemed to stretch I was wondering if Mike wanted this beauty for himself or if it would be sporting and leave it to me
The last girl who was still dressed seemed a little stiff She wasn't the prettiest but she was my favorite She was a little redhead (hair together like the others) short with a tiny nose and big green eyes He was wearing a roughly shapeless sweat suit but I felt that if he took it off we wouldn't be too disappointed She obviously wasn't wearing a bra I didn't see much of his leg or his butt but he looked pretty muscular
And now about Mike and me My friend is Chinese dark hair and eyes I'm a dark-haired American young man brown hair hazel eyes We're both tall muscular thin but in good shape So we don't have the same stereotypes as the programmers And of course because of the sight before us we both had big boners under our towels
For a few moments we stood there staring at each other not one of us said a word Then the tallest blonde muttered It half-loud:
- Oh shit We're busted
You had no idea It was time for action
"You know" I began " you must be in a lot of trouble for coming here And don't even try to tell us it was a misunderstanding
- Will you tell anyone? - said the blonde She turned around to make her boobs move The effect was impressive and I rose up like a snake to a snake charmer
"Well we are very honest boys" continued Mike - But if you don't make a habit of it we'll let it go Assuming of course you can prove that we can believe you
While she was saying that the girl who was bending over just now sat down in front of Mike on a bench and grabbed the guy's towel Mike didn't mind that but the Asian girl did He took her hand and whispered to her:


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