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Eniko enjoyed the situation Barbara was lying on the bed with her face flushed with her eyes closed She looked at EnikÅ‘'s husband who sliding up to Barbara lay with him and caressed the beautiful round breast of the teenager her little bright brown nipple clung rigidly between the man's fingers She looked at her husband's rigid penis He got up to the bathroom in a hurry and came back with a pack of condoms In the bedroom all that changed was that Denes started kissing Barbara She was powerless to return her brother-in-law's kisses Eniko grabbed her husband's rigid penis and Barbara's pungent fingers still gave the pulsating tool a gentle release Eniko took the rubber wrapper into her mouth and opened it with a single tug holding the cotton in her free hand on the sharpened acorn of Denes Dénes looked at his wife with a blank stare
"You will not be harmed fear not" she said winking at her husband
Denes turned back turned to his sister-in-law and made out with the teenager on his finger
When Eniko was rolling around she got up from the bed to the base of her husband's tail and went to the bathroom door to pick up two white shoes He went back to the bed and took Barbara's slender ankle and helped his sister's thin stocking feet into the shoes
When he put her shoes on and put the little silver buckles on the graceful ankle he looked at his work with satisfaction She patted her husband's ass who in encouragement of this immediately turned between Barbara's legs while they never stopped kissing
Dénes leaning on his knees and hands raised himself to his sister-in-law Eniko helped Barbara put both her legs around the man's neck Denes ' stiff tail to the right and Barbara's thigh to the left When Barbara's legs fell into Dénes ' neck her butt was lifted from the bed Eniko reached from behind between her husband's legs and grabbed the stiff thick prick Eniko enjoyed directing the hard-fought pleasure rod to her sister's butt-hole
As she sensed that Dénes was in the right position she began to press her husband down by the bottom Barbara stopped kissing her brother-in-law for a moment when she felt her butt a penis besieged by a finger Dénes looked at Barbara with a question and began to kiss her beautiful calves in tights rising above her face
Eniko wanted to see the thick tail of Denes disappearing into her sister's tight ass again
At first Dénes pushed him in slowly then pulled him out a little bit further and at the third entry Eniko pushed her husband's butt hard The man was caught off guard and his penis penetrated her narrow ass Barbara's body was cut off and screaming Barbara felt that after the first pain that followed Denes's action her instincts and lust began to take over Eniko enjoyed watching their red-titted tushies stretch over the thick erect penis
Denes began to pick up the pace his flat naked lower abdomen made a wet squeak as Barbara struck a crack in her moist pussy Barbara took her brother-in-law's arm and began to move backwards each time she pushed her brother-in-law's lap against the bottom of a man's hard tail causing a common movement between them With her eyes closed she could feel the dick entering her body even stronger
Eniko's pussy is filled with lust He stood up and went to the top end of the bed and then kneeled down on his bed and lifted his foot over his sister's head so that his wet pussy got into Barbara's mouth Barbara immediately put out her little pointy tongue and licked me into the pussy that was approaching her mouth Eniko's body flinched and a faint sigh passed from the lips of the agitated woman Denes leaned a little forward and licked their right left-handed tushies Eniko felt her husband's tongue and with one hand behind her pulled the round hemisphere wider Denes licked his wife's ass so hard that he never stopped fucking his sogora's ass Barbara groaned and licked her sister's naked pussy and moved back and forth to help her brother-in-law move the plunger
Dénes pushed his dick into Barbara a couple of times and then his thick penis kneeling slipped out of her ass loud and then groaned forward with Barbara's thin body between her legs Eniko felt the thick penis pressing against her buttocks "Oh my God that was in Barbara's butt just now" but she couldn't even think about it when her husband's thick dick was halfway up her ass Barbara licked the meaty pussy deep into it licking it between the Baby Lips Dénes immediately began to bang his wife's butt while Eniko by her feminine hips dragged her more and more to her cock Eniko's body strained backwards for the next moment like when the bow was pulled up and came whimpering Dénes tried to hold himself back hitting Eniko's butt trying to cut his dick as hard and as deep as he could()


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