Curious MILF first lesbian experience

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It was in 1990 that according to the current trend we paid for a trip to the "Mariahilferstrassera" with my dear Edina We've been dating for three years and we've tried a lot of things so we both knew we liked the two boys one-girl thing the most It was a way to leave around noon to sleep in Sopron at night to Vienna early in the morning to take a breath home in the afternoon We knew that this kind of pleasure was not acceptable to society We were looking for people we didn't know because the future (extremely carefully chosen) acquaintances were running low We were planning on going into Sopron for a little bit of the night trying our luck looking for a sympathetic gentleman on his own Upon arrival quick unloading in our room eating the roadside dinner Edina's full change of clothes and into the city She was a tall 5 ' 10 " girl with a graceful thin figure hand-shaped breasts and a beautiful butt He was black and he was wearing a mini one-dress all buttoned up suspenders black stockings black bras She didn't wear panties He was very excited waiting with me for a new adventure
We tried our luck in a pool hall We sat down and watched the audience They were nice guys but all with their girlfriends After half an hour of looking two guys came into the room and started doing a nine My baby really liked them Quick word of advice: we always thought only one boy could contact us because if there was trouble I can control it I can take care of it in English What if there's two of them? Shall we give him a shock? I did He went up to the guys I saw with their eyes falling out They were five years older than us so I was a little nervous Later he told me that without any pretense without any intro he told me what we wanted immediately after introducing himself and if you decide that's okay come to the table He sat down next to me and we saw them pack the bullets after a minute of talking They came up and introduced themselves to me Csaba and Jeno I think They were both smaller than me but athletic
We talked for like ten minutes and we went out to the cab The accommodation was a long way from downtown and we sat in the back with my lover and Csaba in the middle He was wearing a black jacket that he unbuttoned and put his hand on our thighs We gently caressed her thighs getting closer to the sweet bend He's very excited I've seen him massage Cribbage through his pants just as much as he did me He put his thighs through our legs and I immediately put my fingers in his very slippery vagina from the excitement of the situation The music was loud in the car the cab driver didn't notice anything only Jeno looked back sometimes very interested The receptionist just let us up
As soon as we were in the room she went to take a shower the three of us and we quietly pulled the two beds together It was bold He came out of the bathroom naked and took out a few drinks from the poor selection of the minibar Because there were two glasses (they could not count on us :-) ) he filled them both and sat on my lap He stroked the boys on both sides and they returned the favor including me We played six hands on it He spread his legs and I could feel it coming right out When I had him he knelt across from me pulled my fly down and started sucking Csaba was the most aggressive of the two He got up and started caressing and kissing her ass And then he opened up Jeno and there he found a size he'd never seen before I got up and took Csaba's place When I entered he was already spoiling her He went berserk She can suck two boys at once and I'm banging her from behind A few minutes later we put him on the bed and he was replaced by Csaba He fucked Edina a lot faster and more intensively than I did Me and Jeno we were on our knees by the bed and with my darling's head bent back he was sucking on one of us and the other That's about the time that Jeno's giant dong reached its full size It was so powerful that despite all Edina's efforts she couldn't put more than a quarter in her mouth I wanted to see this stick in him
We pulled him to the edge of the bed so that we could get comfortable on our knees and wave to Jeno that it was his turn He got on his knees and I saw Edina kneeling down to see that huge dick disappear inside him Jeno gently stroked the entrance with his acorn and slowly inch by inch filling the opening Half plugged it in and very slowly almost wavy it started moving inside He pushed it deeper and deeper every time he pushed it While Chaba and I were kneeling watching the scene with amazement It wasn't that big for the two of us Edina started moaning louder as she got deeper and deeper I asked him if it was bad but he said " it's wonderful" By now Jeno had been able to plug it in completely He fucked her with long stretches which made Edina come again After a few minutes it was me again()


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