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The only bald waiter was more interested in flies than the meager number of guests They found themselves in rapids all over the airstrip's shiny head cone He could not brush them in front of the guests with a white handkerchief nor could he strike his hand against the bald spot so he just shook his head nervously By the way he was not obeyed and a few had lunch in the cool dark corner of the room In front of the little soldier sitting in the bar all he had to do was put the pots according to the slower rate of their discharge
What would the waiter say if I asked for a bowl of ice water under the table? They have a really good kitchen but we don't have that for all comfort It was a great idea to go on a trip today a nice cool clearing a flowing stream we discovered it last year we'll just melt by the time we get there Gitta is unwillingly rummaging through the food and airing her cunny under the table She has beautiful legs strong shapely calves full round thighs and no skirt has been invented that she should have shortened And her panties are mostly just a symbol to get caught in the eye
That's why we always get a 50 GPA on the highway ' cause I keep getting my hands around his legs from the gearbox
Wow full thighs to the little soldier sitting at the bar He won't even notice but the little soldier noticed High Barstool huh? You can't see I'm going crazy from the heat In the car I thought I was hungry but the two autumn leaves were enough So lunch is just an excuse to cool off in this dim light The car's in the hot sun anyway so you won't even be able to sit in it and then I'll pull down the windows and stretch out in the back seat
Then when we get there I'll let Thomas wash you down in the creek I mean just so he can mess with his jizz afterwards
Um I think I'd let this little soldier do it He's got nice broad shoulders and the pants are about to burst on his thigh Couldn't they give you something decent to wear?
Yeah he's watching I like to be seen stroked with their eyes looked down on my clothes What do you think of that? I'm still wearing my panties but if you want I can take them off
Hey is beer more important or is your throat just dry from what you saw? When I get home the first thing I'm gonna do is take this thing off
Then I'll go to the disco tonight We'll have our friends there we'll have a round with everyone We're gonna have a party the size of Lackhaza
Even when I went into the army I still don't know how I got home so I guess they took me And that little brunette that Mihi brought up so I wouldn't go to the army Virgin Wow what he knew And the boys were cheering
Maybe he'll be there tonight She was short brown hair like that girl over there She just didn't have such big cuddly boobs Yeah and her panties are white
Hot huh? I'd love to get you out of your pants It's got proper ventilation full view and you don't even know it
What a woman Just not for me too bad her boyfriend's here I'm sorry man but the view is for everyone
This calls for a drink - Another pint please
- That'll be a lot Boy third time your bladder's gonna burst
- I think his eggs might be full too
- Are you interested? Then go for it He's nodding enthusiastically I know his condition a hundred men pass him don't look at them Then he sees someone his face lights up his eyes glistening like he's tipsy and he won't stop until he sees you The condition of the female in heat or the bacchanal preparing for the sacrifice
You can't even recognize my wife at a time like this and I'm terribly aroused by the sight Then if we can track down his victim he'll jump on it and suck the marrow out of it
And the guy becomes a victim anyone sees him because Gitta is leaving What goes down goes down goes down goes down to the toilet Her beautiful round butt is so rippling that you can't even think about it she's wearing a skirt
The little soldier's eyes are hanging on a pedestal now Get ready
man the net's already been taken out The cat's gonna play with you a little bit longer and then he's gonna send me out there to stalk you And I'll be happy to deliver you
It's hard to talk about why because now we need to list a lot of things from the beginning of our relationship 'Cause my wife to say the least is a good woman and everybody's got their eye on her Just like you could never be mad at her because every fuck was written on her forehead with glowing neon letters Because each time he wore his femininity as proudly as a flag
The first time I watched him satisfy others I was so excited to see him I had never felt the pride I felt before that the woman for whom so many men have their dicks in tight care belonged to me


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