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As I reported in the previous episode my bored wife has devised an extreme way to spend a holiday on Greek and Turkish soil with a couples swap for a week
The serious sex fight we had the other day with the girl we don't know Cleopatra has been very hard on me But for some reason I woke up at dawn Looking at my phone I saw my message icon flashing I opened it and I saw my wife send me a message a video
I hadn't thought of that The first day's footage he recorded he sent it to me He shot a whole video message Where he told me they'd arrived and everything was fine
I had no choice but to wake up Cleo my switched woman and I'm sure you're wondering what's happening to your husband She opened her eyes and watched the video with interest
He didn't know there was such a small piece on vacation
At the beginning of the video message from the balcony he showed me what the hotel was like and what the view was like And then he said that Mark would be back soonhe just ran down to the front desk He placed the camera so that the whole bed was visible and then he went to take a shower and Cleo watched the video silently Nothing happened for a few minutes and then from the shower my wet and well-known wife entered the room He grabbed the camera and took it to the bathroom He put it down at an angle so you could see everything Then he went back in the shower
Cleo's husband showed up He's a significantly bigger guy than me Athletic in his 30s My wife started caressing herself Mark was as surprised as I was about his wife with her naked blindfolded eyes and balls in her vagina He took off his clothes and came to my wife Cleo then pressed up against me and said:
- I've never seen my husband with another woman”
While the movie and the events were going on he said that he was always two guys plus He's never seen her with a woman
In the meantime Mark was hugging my wife kissing her and sometimes her fingers would fall down and down her pussy My partner began to caress the penis of the husband who had been replaced which had grown to a considerable size in his hand I saw you eyeing it with your eyes He got down on his knees and started sucking on it but it didn't fit in his mouth That was the show for a few minutes All of a sudden Cleo took my dick in his hand and started caressing it I had a hard time concentrating on the video but I was really interested My partner got out of the shower and sat on the side of the tub with his legs open and said “I want you to kiss my ass because otherwise it won't fit in there"Mark understood the word At first it was just a little tongue tap and then the stranger licked my darling's pussy more and more In the meantime he extended the small opening with one or two fingers "I want you to fuck me like your life depends on it”
Mark didn't need any more inspiration He put his thick dick in the front door and pressed it hard in Cleo just said” that was a harsh statement " I soon understood why he was saying that He started fucking the cunt I hold dear at a frantic pace My little wife was clinging scratching screaming But Mark understood the order and he didn't stop Series of pleasures took their beginning from my partner Mark picked him up and he stood in front of you and pulled my mate over Their chests were completely clenched squashing out my favorite boobs Mark was getting tired then he hung up my lady and started charging from behind My wife reached for the camera and then she started showing me close-up pictures of how the big dick widens her pussy and walks in and out like a machine
- I think my husband's about to come"Said Cleo and he was That's when I realized they don't use condoms either My distant partner put the camera on the table and he turned and knelt in front of his fucking machine and started sucking it Mark pulled his dick out of his mouth and came on his face It's all over him He licked his bull's semen around his mouth I could see it in his eyes he was freaking out


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