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Your girlfriend sent me a story A friend of his wrote it It's a nice erotic story You were on your way when you got it you just ran it through but it's stuck in your head You felt a little aroused on the way but your actions suppressed the desire to awaken
You went swimming last night When you changed you noticed the e-mail on your panties I had a tingling sensation again but you had to get over it again You put the dress on and all you could fit was when you ran to the bathroom before you dipped yourself in the pool after peeing as you wiped yourself clean worshipping the heat you'd write a play-by-play circle with your fingers on your clit You were shaking but you were in the water Halfway through the lengths prescribed for you taking the buoys between your legs you leaned against the edge of the pool You were resting comfortably thinking about your work and your weekend plans when the buoy line between your legs began to excite you again in your most sensitive area You suddenly fell back from the world of thought to reality You have noticed that your nipples have been stiffened to you and to the outside world that your body desires something other than your mind Looking around you felt at ease that no one was listening to you You quickly returned to the water and focused the rest of the distance instead of leaning towards unpleasant overpressure Out of the water back to the locker room You didn't get to go to the shower because it was fulla lot of people go to the pool this time of year You decided to take a shower at home
When you got home you took off your clothes quickly and jumped in the tub After a good rain quick shower and washing your hair wrapped in a towel you sat down on your bed with a hairbrush in your hand
You turn on the tv but it's more of a habit I don't really care about anything You quickly set it on one of the music channels and facing the big mirror in the TV cabinet you conveniently start combing your hair
The music keeps coming You're in a good mood it's been a short day at work and the week isn't long At the beat of the music you start to move gently as you comb your hair The towel slides a little lower your breasts are now free although I'm a little freaked out it feels better than uncomfortable You keep on Dancing and listening to the music and looking in the mirror at your hair The way you're moving around you just start to feel what you've been feeling a lot lately You're sitting under your right foot so when you moved your hips your ankles your heels were massaging your pussy But you're just realizing that now In the mirror you can see your breasts again your body is waiting to be satisfied You pull the turquoise from your body You look down towards your pussy and you see where your feet touch your pussy it's shiny with fresh sap You remember the story You look at your feet and the mirror in turn You like me I like your horny body and it turns me on it turns me on You rub your breasts with one hand It's thrilling You move your hips your delicate soft soles your legs are a surprisingly pleasant tool Plastic hairbrush is pleasantly smooth delicately curved and thick As you sway your hips and massage your breasts you move more and more with your hand holding the brush towards your mouth You don't take your eyes off the mirror You realize you've never seen yourself suck a dick before You smile at a faint smile perhaps in your soul rather than in reality You touch the brush handle gently to your lips driven by curiosity and desire Your mouth is a little open your tongue is touching it I'm compelled by the Looking-back sexy beast that hasn't broken out of you yet but you know you can feel it inside you You can understand in a flash why guys love it when you're playing with their dicks the same way You are so hot You're letting a bigger piece of the brush handle into your mouth You're drooling all over him Your hips dance more ferocious and your hands are braver with your nipples You can't take it anymore you have to change positions One more look at the mirror and then your pussy Your feet are wet and drooled on them You crave it with your fingers you take a load off it you lean back()


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