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He sat on the blanket at Star Mountain Beach having a good time He loved the sun the water the summer One more week off Just keep the good weather going Not this Thursday but there's too many people here this weekend ; lots of kids lots of noise Maybe he'll go out to the mining grounds on his bike
While she was wondering she noticed the boy who had been watching her for a while It's familiar From where? Like this in bathing suits oops that's the wall of your ex-boss Yeah it's always a suit and tie She smiled at him The boy got up to it and came over
- Kiss my hand How's he doing? Do you know that my father still talks about you as his best secretary?
- Hi - hi Oh that's nice How are things at the company? You'll be the successor right? I wonder how you're settling in? - his smile was sincerely warm and the boy rushed to get his stuff
They had a long talk then they went for a swim He's a nice and honest kid - that's a bit much I mean he's 21 but he's so boyish He knew he was rich with his own car and an apartment But she wasn't ostentatious or conceited ; she was pretty and always polite He's never seen her with like a woman a Pretty Little Goose The boy was talking about summer he's on vacation too But he was surprised by the boy's idea:
- Livia can I invite you to our lake house in Lake Balaton this weekend? I don't feel like going down there alone and you'd really like it A my parents are in Greece now all I need is this swimsuit
- You mean just the two of us? - he made me laugh but not hurt just surprised That's kind of cool ' cause it's practically the first time they've talked He looked long into the boy's eyes No it's not a prank He saw a request the audacity of the sudden idea and a tiny desire in the radiant blue eyes
- OK I don't see why not When do we leave and what do we take?
- I'll pick you up tomorrow morning I'll meet you in the car outside Say 8: 00?  the boy's voice felt joy and excitement
- How do you know where I live?
"I know" said the other
When they got divorced at the beach she said goodbye with a little kiss
Despite his excitement he slept well He threw some stuff in the duffel bag last night The boy wasn't late Now he was wearing jeans and a thin shirt His feet are a little hairy (his chest was seen yesterday) Light brown hair and glowing eyes and that little stubble Well   there's no shame in saying yes
- Livia I didn't think he'd actually come down Nice to meet you I promise I won't abuse my trust
- You don't? Too bad - she ran her mouth off saucy
"By the way I am not more than 26 perhaps we should call you by your first name" he put his hand loosely on the knee of the man watching the driver That flinched for a second He glanced at the woman in the mini-sandals and shoes with the hair up and suddenly he felt that his weekend was as good as it's supposed to be
The house was really nice and imposing right on the waterfront with its own private shoreline Livia liked the large semi-covered terrace best There was nowhere to see it While he was admiring the boy was unpacking the car He brought his bag food drinks
- Wasn't it three days Stephen? - he laughed because the kid was just dropping stuff off
- Who knows? And don't miss anything I brought you a swimsuit in case you forgot He pulled out a beautiful turquoise bikini and gave it to a girl
While he was in the bathroom the boy opened a bottle of champagne It's polite to drink pertu after all Even though he was stroking her knees and thighs in the car and she discovered me I could use a kiss The girl who appeared caught her breath Long thighs irritable hips shapely buttocks not big but round tits highlighted by the bikini and fresh eyes a little wide mouth
- My favorite color
'I know' said the boy
- You know my size?
"I think so" said Stephen staring at the little piercing in her belly button
- How can I thank you?
- Nothing I didn't buy it to ask for anything - the boy's voice hurt me He did
- OK Oh I'm sorry
He reached out to the boy and put his arms around him from behind His fingers ran around his neck and he whispered in his ear pressed against his shoulder:
- Let's go take a bath
Swimming drinking pertu eating lunch They talked and told stories School parents summers Friends and girlfriends Tents excursions lovers The first time the first disappointment Memories brought up a lot of old feelings They told each other things that they've never told anyone The boy was more than 21 years old Pure unspoiled but not naive Around 2: 00 they dozed off holding hands
He woke up to find the man wasn't there He was standing on the edge of the terrace looking at the water Her beautiful figure with the waves in the background turned her on He knew the boy wouldn't take the initiative though the attraction was mutual He walked up and turned it towards you He kissed her face forehead eyes Slowly and softly slipped his mouth into his neck It smelled really good He had 10 fingers on his back just his fingertips touching his muscles()


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