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The bus stirred the dust of the road as it drove out of the station shivering with wind the bushes along the road and the long brown hair of the Wanderer He stood on the pavement with his bag on his back in a black leather jacket once dark brown now more like black ankle-length - This is as far as I go - he thought and his eyes clenched in the dust cloud On the other side the sight of a pub called a restaurant began to clear up He went in Behind the door was a cloud of smoke Maybe half the metal-frame tables were occupied Behind the bar with the yellow paneling a balding man was wiping glasses with a once-white cloth As soon as the sound ceased he turned to everyone and the bartender's hand stopped and perhaps the smoke did not float away for a moment or two As he sat down on a bar stool it all came back to life but the wiping bald guy didn't even look at him He continued to work with more glasses
The Wanderer scoured his pockets collected every last penny and then put it in a pile in front of him
- Please - he drew attention to himself
- Yes - the bartender approached him still holding the towel and a glass
 Give me a beer and as much vodka as you can get out of this - and pushed the metal pile to the other side The bald man threw the rag on the metal-covered counter counted the change and filled the glasses with endless boredom One pint and three shots That's all the Wanderer's assets And then he took a long sip of beer He wiped his mouth and struck with his Palm upon the thick metal cover
- Please
- What do you want again?
- Work Is there any way to do that?
- You're in the right place Do you want to be a bartender? - the rag goes through the vodka glasses are about to fall - Because I've had enough today
- I do - tell me in your eyes and face with complete surprise
- Well you're about ready to go - and through a panelling door you leave him and the work area
He returns without an apron wearing a jacket with a younger but undetermined age slightly stocky woman behind him
- Hey You never told me how handsome he was So that would be you?
- Yes
- He's done this before
- More than once
- All right You're hired There's nothing I can do Come in the back and we'll discuss the details
He drinks another vodka with a little beer goes around the bar goes after her in the warehouse It's a messy mix of crates and beer barrels and a single light bulb on the ceiling lights up the walls that are stained gray
- You're a handsome boy "say it in his great voice and he shall pinch the face of the Wanderer and breathe deep through his nose" - Where was your last job?
- At a grocery store
- Interesting I was thinking of something else because it has an interesting smell
- But listen I can give you $ 3000 a day if you don't drink If you're drinking I'll deduct itI don't care I just want you to be able to stand at the counter There's no tip hereif it's a good day we'll give you another grand if it's not no - and your manhood is reaching out for a settlement but he's leaning closer and discreetly but he's sniffing the man again
- That's fine but there's one more thing
- What? - he's pulling his painted eyebrows
- I don't have a place to sleep
- Yeah "you're in my grasp" he thinks he's already sorry for the three grand and two would have been enough - That can be arranged don't worry about it There's a little room here  he's stroking his chin looking at the floor with his eyes thinking hard about something
He's just taking over his nose breathing much bigger than usual almost sighing Say it or don't say it but you can't resist - There's one more tiny problem
- We got this What is it?
- You know uh you know I'm here a lot and uh I'd see you a lot if you lived here so you know it'd be nice if we could get along  he puts a smile on his face that he thinks is nice and he pats the man's shoulder a little
- Is that a condition?
- Yes That's it that's it "prayer and hope in his eyes he could only say those few words with a trembling voice"
 So as soon as we're" friends " I'm hired and I have a room?
- That's right - and one step closer his eyes are glued to his
- All right Well let's do it I need a new bartender from today Or not?  you've been through this before you didn't like it but you knew you had no choice
He throws his coat and purse into a compartment and unlocks his wide leather belt He unzips the zipper and hangs his heavy tool out The tavern keeper looks down gazes and then returns to the man's eyes who beckons with a glance that a little help could be needed He immediately understands crouches down and sucks in the still-thriving organ which begins to absorb his combat size from sucking growing more and more outperforming the possibilities of a host's mouth
 Speaking of which I have another suggestion  says the wanderer looking down hands on his hips

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