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I've been wanting to go to a swinger club for a while now I even suggested it to one of my former girlfriends but none of them showed any interest in it Shortly after one of my break-ups I had my eye on a place in the suburbs and I was looking forward to Friday afternoon at 5: 00 because that's when you were supposed to check in to the party on Saturday night Unfortunately I'm only on a waiting list because they won't let in more than five solo boys at the same time to avoid a gender imbalance
Saturday night just after 11: 00 pm My phone rang saying I could go if I wanted to because there were more solo Girls at the club I was very excited to call a cab and drink a glass of red wine As I approached the place I was very excited and I was going to find myself in an unusual situation and I entered the place looking for special experiences I got a closet I switched to underwear and a T-shirt and then I entered paradise Downstairs was a bar where men in underwear and women in underwear were dancing and talking Apart from the outfit it was like a regular bar people drinking talking everywhere Most of the people there were average build but you could see a couple of prettier girls more muscular men The palette was wider in age but it was mostly from the late 20s to the late fifties Upon reaching the first floor there were four beds one large round was in the middle of the room
There's a couple making love everywhere with a couple of bystanders around The atmosphere on the third floor was even more heated the faces and figures were hard to make out in the dim light and I was in an orgy I wanted to make contact with someone but for now it seemed like a difficult case The guests were mostly couples I've only seen three or four single men looking at other couples with their hands massaging their tails Most couples were either looking for a single lady or another couple but not a single boy I thought I ordered a glass of wine at the bar so as to relieve the tension I stood and watched the guests in the downstairs room At a bigger table I spotted a very beautiful and Pretty Girl a beak who was about 30 years old thin-bodied smaller but tight-breasted brown hair beautiful bottom There were women on both sides smoking and across the street there was an empty chair I thought this was our chance I sat down on the empty puff and I asked them for a cigarette Smoking is a great way to connect I told them I'd never been to a place like this before and that I was extremely curious She said she was with her boyfriend and that she was completely open about the night that she could be a man and a woman and that it was more a question of sympathy
We talked for a few minutes and then she and her boyfriend told me they were going to the other room to dance Before they left I asked them if they wanted to go up and she said they just came down I was afraid to ask if I could join them if they went up again and then Réka said " I'll go there when I see them and see what happens" I didn't think this was gonna happenthey left so fast but let's keep an open mind I don't know the system here yet I ordered some more soft drinks at the bar stood around sometimes went for a ride see what was going on but I've pretty much made up my mind that I don't get much credit here today Around 12: 30 in the morning two couples showed up at the bar including a long wavy black-haired girl with large aesthetic silicone breasts with a particularly strong sexual vibe and a very brazen smile Somehow I got stuck with them All of a sudden the black-haired girl opened up her girlfriend's breasts looked at me and with a sweet smile on her face asked if her friend's outfit was right I smiled and approved One time I see the black-haired girl with the black guy she was coming up the stairs with and on the second-floor couch they're going at each other with incredible intensity First they kissed for a long time and then she took the big dick that came out of her mouth and sucked it with a lot of heat Later they went to a bed in a dark corner and she sat on the man's Dick and took a spectacular action Meanwhile I sat next to them and I began to lick the riding girl's right breast another guy doing the same thing to his left
My dick was already standing like a pin The girl's reaction gave me courage I pulled out my dick and I started to jerk off while I was busy with her beautiful breasts I just stood up and put my standing dick in front of her mouth and I wanted to see how she'd react Needless to say he looked at her immediately pointed at her and started sucking on it He did a hell of a job squeezing his lips properly I suddenly had an orgasm-like state but I didn't want to come yet so I moved back so he could take a break with his mouth()


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