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We were sure that there was no need to make up a title that was particularly clever for this article I mean not only is the subject eternal but also the curiosity about sexuality Some say three things - money power and sex-control men Others go even further: they think money and power are just the handmaiden of sexIf someone decided to cut out sexuality as much as possible it would be a very difficult job First you should throw out your TV I mean now it's prime time right after the bedtime story we're gonna have the sex scenes of the milder category More luck to the parent who is an older movie where the protagonist I'm half-savior clothes from and the picture is blurred and soft vonósfutamok directly after the next day's morning we're (the actors perfect hairstyle with bouncing out from the bed and their decisions are binding félliternyi orange juice)
But we also have to get rid of our radio if we don't want to listen to works of Art where girls from pop teams offer their bodies to better fate ("do it baby we have the night oh-oh-oh')but if we want to avoid any erotic effects - which is of course impossible-then it is better not to set foot on the street We are ambushed by the two-metre-tall Giant women's buttocks: on any street corner we can see a backside "wrapped in lace underwear" on the billboardsFor most of the everyday life we are bombarded with sensual messages: sexuality is moving through our lives whether we want it or not Some people are happy about it others are holding their heads " Oh my god what's next?" In just ten years our attitude to sex has changed you might think I mean there's sex on every channel Apparently there's no taboo anymore But only on the surfaceself-assessment


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