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There was a rosary troupe in the village which consisted of 15 older women and the average age was around 60 They've become very religious regularly church-going loyal followers Of course they weren't Saints but they knew everything about everyone they were my intelligence I was very surprised by their leader the shrubbery the confession of 62-year-old aunt Teri
- Father I have sinned my sin is great please punish me severely
Well I thought you might want to hear the usual stuff about lying swearing gluttony
"I have corrupted my grandson" he whispered
- Tell me everything my child you'll see the Lord forgives me - I was curious
- As you know Father I'm single-handedly raising the Feri of my mentally disabled 13-year-old grandson His father didn't come back from the war and his mother went to work in pest Ferike didn't go to school couldn't keep up with the others so he stayed out As he grew more and more he helped around the House Last week we were at the vineyard and now as usual we went to the shelter for lunch at noon It was so hot outside my granddaughter had just one pair of pants on After lunch Ferike took a nap on the cot in the corner I had a few glasses of wine and I laid down beside him for a little rest I was quickly overwhelmed by the eagerness and when I woke up I saw the little lad's pants had fallen down and his spear was swaying and I could not resist the temptation to grab the hot rock-hard tool Thirty years ago the last time I saw anything like this I was very excited and my groin was tingling I wasn't thinking I was crouching over him and I took in my grandson's red-throated Dong He opened his eyes and looked at me in amazement but then he liked it more and more On the face of a dumb smile and he said mama mama Unfortunately it didn't last long and he came inside me in a huff Since then he's always wanted mama to ride him and he's willing to do anything for it I've given in to temptation a couple of times but he keeps wanting it I'd be lying if I said I didn't like it but I feel so guilty I can't sleep Please father punish me severely and help the Lord forgive my sin
- You must atone my child for the Lord will be gracious to you Please follow me
I led him to my room which opened from the sacristy and I took a whip out of the closet and swung it into the air
- 25 lashes your punishment is sinful soul lean on the table "Pray and count your punches aloud" I said
I pulled up her skirt and pulled down her knickers I was expecting a wrinkled flabby flat ass I was pleasantly surprised by The Shape of her buttocks which was round
"My fault my fault my great fault my pity my regrets" he prayed
The air was slashed loud by the whip and I hit him hard Teresa groaned surprised counted the blows and continued to pray By the time I finished my sentence the woman had red puddles on her buttocks and my gun was staring hard
He wanted to straighten up I wouldn't let him I pushed him back on the table I opened his legs and reached between his legs My finger glided lightly into the wet vagina and I pulled it out and put my erectic Wiener in its place He took me in with a whimper and I beat him hard and my dick kept going in and out of the wet vagina I worked him hard I could feel his legs shaking She was crying out loud hysterical and I stopped screwing and I pulled out my hot-hot gun I took it off the table put it on the ground and put my cock about to explode in the mouth of the Wonder Woman
"Take this my body and my seed which is given for you" I rephrased the words of communion
I took his head on both sides and fucked him in the mouth and soon I came out throbbing
I put my hand on his head and absolved him
- My child the Lord forgives does not consider what you have done a sin it was your mission You're welcome to continue your lovemaking because this is an act of God Now go in peace the Lord be with you
I had Giselle re-admitted for tutoring after a week Believing that the fear and pain of debauchery had passed She arrived on time and I led her straight to the sacristy I didn't have to tell him and he was already undressing I once again admired his youth sat in the armchair called him to me and sat him on my lap Just on her bulging breasts the nipples caress caressing her bald pussy I was happy to notice that she was getting wet
- My child I want to hear you pray
I freed my erect instrument from my cassock reached under his buttocks and lifted it to the tip of my spear I slowly entered the tight pussy while Gizike prayed in a low voice I was surprised to see him take my enormous penis to the hilt I was completely wedged in hot wet and she had a very tight vagina


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