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The story happened at a party in April sometime in 2006 During college we used to do it all the time that the rental was near the university we left the car at the University and it was a walk in a few minutes at the university but the parking wasn't paid which is now in gold There was a small meeting up at the apartment celebrating nameday and we got in Time passed no booze but the mood is good let's go to a pub around here It's a favorite place for college students it's close it's almost always open and it's a great party and now it's a karaoke party which I only get into when I drink too much This evening we had no problem because we drank a lot vodka whisky tequila and champagne voltna champagne is my end at this hour of the night and it's easy to see when someone touches me with say their butt I had my eye on a girl in college weeks ago and I just saw her here She's pretty she's cool and she's not afraid of anything Combfix stilettos red red plaid skirt black top solid brown color and the effect of all that champagne is already on me Lucky for me when I'm in a relationship I don't cheat but I wasn't so I could do a little naughty I approached her gently with my hand holding her shoulder whispering in her ear sniffing her hair and we began to talk complimenting her for when something is beautiful it should be praised but not to be a jerk or to say the things that are known to boredom but to say the real and truly unique compliments Every woman likes to be seen in them what they keep beautiful on them when they have eyes you have to praise the world of their eyes or the depth of their eyes and not shine like a star or something or operate on them
This girl with her energy she was conquering she was moving she was dressed she was dancing she was showing style she was sensual she knew what to wear to attract men's attention Not men he didn't look at themhe looked at men Ladies that's what's important the big picture you can have nice eyes but if you don't have such pretty eyes but you can see it's all put together much better it's gonna be more attractive than you You have to make sure everything fits you get a lot hotter and if you're in a permanent relationship or if you go home with a casual partner after a great party you get a lot more sex you get pampered a lot sooner and you get to the top like you're just gonna have a normal two-piece and your eyes are the only thing that makes the difference
Back to the story I took the liberty of talking to him we exchanged a few sentences while dancing then we danced closer and closer First we held hands and rolled and then we moved closer together looking into each other's eyes slowly moving our hips between our legs our hands boiled over our shoulders and we danced like this one time he showed the rhythm and then I time in a different pace the Champagne had already affected me enough when the next song came and he moved his butt on my jeans it was bulging up the buttons were tense and as he felt it he started to shake his butt even more and then I turned him over and I kept him away and he approached me and at the end of the song I put him on my lap holding his butt and I lifted him up with his legs and we kissed on each other's lips I used to grab his ass when he kissed me and I could feel his kisses how much he liked to be held in The kiss continued and then we sat with the others and I sat in the chair and he stood across my lap and we drank champagne and a lot He had a lot to drink I had a lot to drink but I've had a lot to drink so it hit me pretty quick especially when we were drinking 2dl champagne for one shot two circles like this and no one stands on their feet I had another standing thing to do Let's go outside and air it out because if I have one more drink with the others it's all yours Then we went out and we went out kissing hands on my jeans on my butt on her thighs caressing her thigh-cuff and then running up she was very excited and I didn't realize that my numb masculinity had already been freed from the jeans I said Not Here let's go to the apartment but then we have to go back We're gonna go for two more drinks that they asked for tequila I pulled it but I felt like I was totally wasted torn and then the next picture 9: 00 am my phone rang college buddies and they sent me a link to this I need to see I saw I was wearing a condom in the shower so I thought something happened last night I took a shower machine filled me up made a coffee and I was hoping I didn't do anything to offend the girl We sit in front of a computer a youtube link: a surveillance camera which takes the parking lot and the road to it which takes it to the pub This part of the tape starts at 1: 30 in the morning red date on the link and I see two very drunk people laughing and coming from a distance()

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