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Marian took two chocolates out of her backpack:
 You didn't ask me what I liked so I thought I'd help you out
Signal roll out of bus bay
- One for me one for you?  I was a little embarrassed but I didn't take this chocolate thing seriously
 You thought you were gonna eat your black chocolate and I was gonna watch? I brought my own
- Is that your favorite? Is that what you got when you were in kindergarten?
- No But it's more effective Now you see what you have to do to get a peek in my pants
We're back to sex stories You could tell by the look on his face that he was enjoying it too in advance
- I'm starting to wonder what you are in girls ' underwear I remember one of our classmates drew it on the board for us ignorant kids He cut two shapes out of paper bent them lengthwise laid them on top of each other with the shoots pointing in the opposite direction and showed with small blows the movements of the man over the woman
- What? I imagined it that's interesting Was it hot?
- Anything was hot All our thoughts revolved where I quote my classmate drawing on the board someone else's Dick But by that time we were in junior high
- Did you check out the girls?
- Just from afar with all that adolescent futility In theory we understood it very well but we didn't really know how to do it in person
- That's how we girls are at that ageI don't care I don't care We were looking at the kids pushing each other through the locker room keyhole Yeah and then neither of us would admit it
- That's Okay I guess It's okay not to have sex at that age
- Well no
- In gym class when I climbed to the top of the rope I got a powerful erection it was really embarrassing I thought everyone would notice and everyone was looking at me
- The moves? - he was surprised
- You know you gotta grab the rope with the outside foot that must have triggered it It was gone by the time I got down
- It's got something to do with it ' cause I felt it when I was jumping in the closet Do you remember? You jump up with both legs then you're propped up and down It's the spread that always made me feel interesting
- So it's not the kids ' influence?
- In high school we had the girl and the boy in gym class but one after the other One team stripped the other dressed keyhole worked
- We had the shower in between the dressing rooms with two entrances so the stalking was even more interesting No that was in high school A teacher always made sure that the girls and I didn't want to take a shower at the same time
- Did it ever occur to you?
- We had a free period when the girls were exercising and we sat on the bench several times saying that there might be something to help us with like roll out the mat or something and we got a good look at the girls We'd love to take them to the shower in case they needed help After a while the teacher got fed up with our enthusiasm and said " Let's not go to the movies let's just use the time to study"
- So he forbade you to stare gently - I heard a consensus from the statement - The girls must have asked for it I didn't like it when the kids looked at me and when I was a teenager I felt so awkward my boobs were too small and then they were too big
- Now's good
- Thank you You don't even see it But look ahead
- I can listen I'm careful
- You drive very well routinely attentively Have you seen pussy by then?
- Movies
- Really? - yeah I'm sure one of these girls would love to show it to you
 I just saw the first one in gym class
- Keyhole?
- Up close live The teacher was obsessed with the idea that if we behave we can play basketball as a reward He didn't realize it wasn't a reward for everyone I didn't like it For the first half of a minute I got out regularly and then I sat on the bench with an act of resentment and was secretly happy Or I went into the locker room with a fake sulk I threw off my gym gear took my towel and went to the shower


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