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if Jack only leans two arches down and glances just a little bit deeper he'll see you Next thing I know I'm on fire like a Reichstag
Katy said " Jack Jack Leave it "
"I can't find him anywhere" he said
Of course not I thought to myself You punched me in the face you fucking loser
"Forget it baby I'll clean it up in the morning You need to go back to your room "
Jack stood up and I felt him leaning over the bed again I heard a little kiss and he said " Do you want me to come back later? I'm sure I'll be more persistent next time "
"I think you've had your fun today brother You pass out in bed and in 30 seconds you forget I'm in the world "Katy's voice was irritable and she may have believed a little of what she heard
Jack finally said " We'll see "A few more kisses and I saw him sneaking up on the door
So I was trapped Katy's gonna be up for a while and now I can't even break into Jack They'll both calm down by 3: 00 in the morning but until then I'm stuck here hopelessly I have to wait until I can be sure they've fallen into a deep sleep So I waited I've been waiting until I fell asleep myself
I woke up and my eyes popped out Good heavens how much sleep have I had? I took my watch off earlier so I could only guess but it was about 20 maybe 30 minutes I still thought it was risky to go on the road So I just listened listened to the voices In silence I focused on Katy's breathing It seemed deep constant rhythm As usual once she decided to sleep she passed out in a blink of an eye I wasn't sure if Jack was going to go to sleep so suddenly but at least I could find a safer place than under Katy's bed or in her room I came out in agonizing slowness and I knelt by his bed again My boxer shorts remain at my knees It seemed like an easier way to get one leg out of him before than to put my pants on halfway down In this way I was naked only three feet from my cousin the sole purpose of my desire
As I stood up my pants glided unobstructed on one leg and I was finally able to enjoy the sight of what I had prayed to myself for so long - at least half the sight I had no complaints because although I couldn't see Katy's breasts under the wrinkled semen-stained T-shirt her panties were far out of place And as she did not pull the blanket back on herself I was amazed to get a close look at a fine-cut fur ball under which Katy's freshly-fucked pussy was emboldened
In the gloom Katy's dark pubes hit me sharply with her otherwise Tan hips In a matter of seconds my cock was filled with blood and it was almost painful For a few moments I drooled and stared at the miracle I was obsessed with looking at a woman's nipples and now I have the unmade sight of the holiest sanctity My mind has become numb to the mind
First thing I wanted to do was get a closer look I had to get to him right away I wanted to absorb the aroma I wanted to taste it That's what I wanted Father what was I not going to do to him?
In my lustful state I took one step and then another until my feet reached the edge of the bed I looked down In line with my standing cock Katy lay her hand with her hands open as if waiting to gently grasp my swollen bag Oh wouldn't that be nice? But I knew it wouldn't happen so I wanted to say goodbye to Katy's pussy with one last look and then get the hell out of here back to my mattress where I could quietly pour my bucket of seeds into a suitable sock
I bent down closer to the center of the universe because that's what I've always considered Katy's groin This is where it all started and it's coming back here I'll never be able to look this woman in the eye again but all I cared about was her lap As I leaned forward I got closer and closer to him my stiff cock's head accidentally touched Katy's hand I almost drowned in fear of the peacock but before I could rush back something extraordinary happened
Katy's hand was wrapped around my dick
It is difficult to explain how I was able to keep my Drum Heart in its cage while my psyche was under the pressure of such terror but here I was inches from Katy's fur duck while her hand was massaging my rod
"Oh look who's here "my dear brother Jack has returned" whispered Katy barely out of her sleep I immediately understood the situation: Katy woke up and found a naked man beside her bed According to his logic it must have been his brother who he was sleeping with just before he went to sleep In fact he made it clear that he would welcome the completion of the operation that had begun earlier()


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