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She lay in bed trembling with excitement with one hand on her stomach with the other caressing the inner wall of her thighs while waiting for the boy He closed his eyes Immediately images appeared in his mind He tried to calm himself a little bit by recalling in his mind the road to this point
Five days ago it's the anniversary of your arrival in Paris "City of lights" immediately charmed him and took him away He didn't want to go any further
He fell in love with diversity freedom life Since he spoke good German and French (thanks to his parents ' foresight) and even a little English he got a job in a travel agency pretty quickly He began at the bottom but with his diligence and reliability he quickly moved up the ladder It was now part of the Caribbean Europeans like to go on a little romantic adventure
He loved to travel too Exploring the world Taste it try the unusual That's how he met the boy last year He was on a work trip going through the places entrusted to him His bosses thought it was important for him to know his colleagues in person and of course the service he was trying to sell
The boy was a few years younger than him within 30 years There was a mixer in the hotel bar where you stayed He spent one night there because he couldn't sleep She had a couple of cocktails and spent hours talking to the charming boy They became friends They told me about their past and told each other their plans for the future The boy wanted to come to Europe try his luck That's what he was saving up for
She listened with a smile and when she began to fall asleep at dawn she said goodbye He gave her a business card with a company number on it Then three weeks ago your colleague told me you had a phone call which happens a couple dozen times a dayAt first he didn't realize who was on the other end of the line In the background there were Airport noises He was a little embarrassed But since being helpful was one of his basic qualities he explained to the boy how to get to his job downtown When he stepped out on the street he was waiting there with a medium-sized suitcase at his feet He helped her find a place to stay Taking advantage of your acquaintance that was pretty easy They found a cheap apartment in a relatively quiet neighborhood The boy paid three months in advance then started looking for a job He wasn't picky She was doing the dishes and she kept looking Most of his luggage was made up of his drawings and plans He was attracted to interior design quite unique but he had very attractive ideas
Hardly a day goes by that they don't talk at least on the phone The girl made a conscience out of her patronage and it made her feel good that someone was counting on her so much
The girl (let's call her Anna) had for some time felt a sensual attraction towards the colored Especially the black boys In his home country he rarely saw a live Negro-as they were called there-and after being forced to flee in seven years in the Austrian Alps there was not much to do útjábaDe Paris has transformed it from this point of view Even then the "capital of the world" was no longer a melting pot for peoples and races After bumping into "colored people" every step of the way he quickly got used to being different He was happy to see the finer end products of the mixing of species The most beautiful girls came from the common children of the Far East chinks and Latino Blacks He also saw a lot of people who no longer knew their true origins But he was attracted to black people He also liked the smell Because he took the subway to work he was often stuck with one of their bodies in rush hour traffic He enjoyed the smell of their skin and sometimes unnoticed he touched a male with a fine bodyAt times erotic imaginations fluttered through him he found it very exciting természetességüketDe he didn't dare approach them until now
Now all of a sudden you're in an interesting situation Her former suitor Yves a nice country boy she met at a professional conference left her for another girl a few months ago He was not angry with her for she was not in love with him either but by now he was beginning to feel a bit of a loss The sudden arrival of the Caribbean boy in his life was like a sign - at least that's what he had in mind
Anna loved sex His imagination knew no limits Unfortunately his partners haveHe's dealt with more than one man in his life but most of them have been able to provide a very "forgettable experience" in bed The reason he held on to Yves so long was because he was a relatively good lover But he had to admit with a heart that he was not a man's dream-his successor was undoubtedly much more beautiful and younger than he was


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