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I was only 22 years old Judith had been my wife for two years but my mother and I hadn't had a long - term sex relationship only less often because Judith and I had like two or three spills a day so my mom and I made love every two or three weeks which was not enough for her and me
One time I told him he could get my dick almost daily if we did it in a " c " together He didn't like that although Judit had resisted all of my persuasion to " we " Sex Last spring summer came my mother and Judit had been in a little nothing outfitthey used to get together in the kitchen and I had my dick in the kitchen and I saw my two women side by side and I looked at their butts and I went by them I touched them I rubbed my stiff dick on their assesand I saw that they were nice to each other and they were eyeing each other so I decided to take a decisive step
As usual we watched TV together in the living room the balcony door was open I shut off all the lights referring to the mosquitoes on one side my mother was sitting on one side and on the other Judit I took turns finding my way to the pussy one one smoothing them My dick was like a spear my pussy was wet he wanted a dickIt is afternoon already and I fucked my mother according to the custom of all listened to our door and through masturbatingso now His pussy to deal with me more index finger I stroked her clitoris middle finger in the vagina before the entrance was waiting he didn't last long rácsusszant my finger and slightly move it I wanted to lose all inhibition and so I continue caressing her clit even a finger I introduced her vagina and started to fuck the two fingers mom's cunt while I leaned to judith who's the dick stroking and I whispered in his ear "go to our room I'll be right behind you"Good Night Mother I'm going to bed" and she left before my mother could say anything I turned my left hand on my mother's cunt but turning to her I began to crumble her breasts with my right hand and they came out of nowhere licking eating sucking biting her nipples "Gyurka I'm going crazy I want your dick so bad you can fuck me right here"Mommy if you want my dick you come to the door of the room listening like you always do bring your vibrator and I'll leave the door open for a crack and when I do you come in and join in for a third It's not just the three of us fucking I want you both and I love you and I want the three of us to do it so don't worry I think you both want each other now"Oh my sweet boy I want your dick so bad I'm gonna do this too but call me in soon' cause I can't take it anymore I'm gonna come right away"I stood up I took my dick out and I shoved it in my mother's mouth and she enjoyed it and she immediately started sucking it "This is my divine mother if you want to fuck I'm going to follow you now just like we talked about" Oh my little boy I'm yours I can't stand it without your dick just don't keep me waiting long"
I'm on my way to our room I walked in the door and left it open A Mood Lamp Lit Up Judith was lying naked on her back her legs spread out and masturbated with her hands With his left hand he spread his lips his clitoris became free and sucked the finger of his right hand and caressed his clitoris I stopped by our bed threw everything off and I started pulling the skin on my acorn and looking at this beautiful writhing bitch whose head was on the pillow against the wall next to the door and the light was on the back of her head and she was all wrapped up in herself and she didn't even notice the door and she couldn't see it In the crack appeared the figure of my mother a naked beautiful mare in her 40s saw Judith masturbating me standing by the bed looking at her woman and punching her dick she immediately began to crumble her breasts and with her right hand she adjusted the vibrator into her vagina and started to fuck herself The three of us were worried about what I wanted to end so I waved him in I climbed up on the bed my legs on the other side of the wall at Judit's head my dick stuck in his face my mother walked in locked the door behind him stood by the bed took my dick right in his hand beat it in front of Judith's face pulled it out of her vibes cunt put it down so she could be handy later He was jerking my dick and with his other hand he went to Judith's cunt and helped her masturbate bent over took my dick in her mouth licked my ACORN with his tongue took it in then let it out licked it and started rubbing it against the edge of her mouth and then in a sudden movement he put Judi in her luscious as soon as I sensed that she was smoking Judit and I started to fuck her mouth and I lay on her to reach her cunt and I began to lick it between the two playing hands and I began to turn my tongue to my side he sled on his clitoris and there was good gravy()


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