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I took the red rose from the vase that I bought at the flower shop this afternoon and left home My heart was pounding a little faster than usual which is no wonder I was worried about the long-awaited reunion Kata and I had a date at the Grand Central StationI think it was close to both of us my place is a few hundred yards from here I got here on time but I knew he was gonna be late but I wasn't worried about thatgirls have to be ten minutes Although I'm usually a patient man I've had a hard time controlling myself I knew he'd be here soon but I was getting restless I looked at my watch more often and scoured the neighborhood with my neck stretched out hoping to catch a glimpse of it I was about to call him when I noticed a familiar chuckle behind my back I was surprised suddenly spinning because I didn't expect it to come from a different direction The moment I saw him the yearning pain of the past few days weeks and the impatience and annoyance that began with the waiting for this sight understood everything
Kata looked at me with bright warm eyes and in a low voice said " Hi She looked incredible In spite of the cold she was dressed in thick layered and she seemed to be very hot He was wearing black leather boots tight jeans above him a thick winter coat which seemed to suggest his feminine curves and a striped scarf around his desirable neck I could not speak with joy but instead I held the Rose in silence smiling and holding her close and long to feel her heavenly scent and the warmth of her body It was good to see her and I knew she wanted me too We've grown a little out of each other's embrace but only so that our lips can bond in a hot kiss His mouth was very desirable and sensual and his soft and soft kiss turned me on As our tongues intertwined for a moment I felt an electric shock shaking my body I was aware that he was aware of the effect his proximity had on me for he must have felt that the touch of his groin the kiss and the smell of it had already made my trousers curl up
His breathing became a little hasty as our lips parted and I slowly with gentle movements began to caress his hips and with the slowness of my tongue I began to caress his neck and then I began to caress his sweet little cubicle as I whispered softly:
- I missed you We knew where we were and we knew there were a lot of people around but somehow it was hard for us to stop hugging He pushed me away gently though I could tell he wasn't going to settle for that tonight His glance turned slowly into a flower in my hand and in a gentle humid voice he asked:
- This is for me or you can keep it to yourself? And in my confusion I blushed a little and I gave it to him stammering He obviously liked the fact that I was so upset to see him again and that my brain due to acute lack of blood is already working at a slightly lower efficiency
My plan was to start with a cozy little pub where we could discuss the events of the past few weeks because we could not tell everything through chat and phone and we would decide together for the rest of the evening He had no objection so we took our hands It was a nice little place with tight pits low music and charitable dimples We sat in the back and there was a table next to us where two guys were drinking beer and I heard they were talking about football We sat very close together and talked although we weren't really looking at what was going on we were just looking at each other Since he was no longer wearing a coat my gaze was free to wander between his eyes his mouth the bulges of his sweater and his thighs I tried to listen to what he was saying but it didn't work out because I wanted him very much Of course he noticed what was going on in my mind but he pretended not to notice it but he drew even closer to me so that it was possible to feel the heat and repressed passion coming from his body
I didn't say muchI was busy with other things I let him handle the conversation he's got a big mouth I nodded enthusiastically at everything he said even though most of the time I wasn't sure what I was saying was right After a while instead of running my mouth I held his hand in the palm of my hand and slowly stroked it with the tip of my index finger sometimes blindly sometimes drawing different patterns on it including a heart He was still talking nonstop when I slowly raised his hand and I gently began to suck his little finger()


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