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Sometimes it sounds too good to be true but these two words express how I feel in your simplicity and perfection when I look at my life
If someone had asked me before I was born:
- You gonna take all that shit? Your messed-up childhood? For an attractive girl to live through teenage years of inhibitions and stupid fears? So that after you missed your young years in your mid-20s he'd find you out of the Blue
heaven and be what you've always wanted to be but your defeatism and anxiety stopped you?
I probably would have said:
- Well - good - good Let's do this
The countless mistakes that made me think I could be such a loser If I'd hooked up with the cute guy I used to like so much how beautiful my wasted teenage years could have been
Still if things hadn't turned out this way along with the tiniest of mistakes my life would have been on different lines and maybe I'd still be stuck somewhere with little money living at my parents ' house dreaming about it
I wish I could rent one day All my misery every wrong decision I've made all those gloomy bored days I was in the right place at the right time and I was lucky to find you through an old acquaintance
For the first time I felt like the world was mine Not that I'm a millionaire but since I don't have any pretentious desires I kind of feel like one because I make enough money to have everything I own alive and not depend on others
and with a comfortable job which I like to do It's a wonderfully liberating feeling It's like a man is intoxicated when he's sober I used to let life pass me by but as soon as I opened the door to the unknown
did my guardian angel reward you? Or did I just let life in? So it happened that on that Monday morning at the beginning of the sunny summer on the first day of my vacation I got out of bed like a Christmas morning when I was a little girl
Taking a deep breath of fresh air from the suburbs I enjoyed the scenery for several minutes on credit but standing on my own little garden house balcony A few streets in the treetops I noticed some kind of restaurant
I thought I'd take a quick shower and go out for breakfast I've pretty much met the neighborhood but I've never been there As I approached the object from my balcony I saw a pizzeria waiting for me with open doors
I ordered coffee while they were making the pizza The bartender wasn't much of a talker so I looked around for coffee as a distraction I got my eye on a cute 30-year-old girl sitting at the table by the window
Apart from the bartender he was the only woman at the table who wore a miniskirt and a deep-necked top even though it was hot in those weeks in the morning
My eyes ran through his shiny feet in black high-heeled sandals through his crossed thighs to his chest while he gazed upon his plate without a hint of anything
- Coffee's ready - the bartender told me
- Thank you - I smiled He didn't seem very hospitable for his work If you had at least one shade of enthusiasm in the way you look at me you'd get a tip But you do
I sat at the table near the counter sipping a nice hot cup of coffee I felt like I was being looked at by the girl whose mind I had just buried my face in her breasts
when the bartender interrupted my fantasy that I thought was unreachable When our eyes met I glanced away for a second in a reflex but I turned right back to him and suddenly he was looking the other way
I didn't know why myself but I went to him I thought he was attractive but I didn't want to pick him up I didn't think at first he'd look at me because he liked me
it didn't seem like she was flirting with me I just thought it might be a good time to get someone I knew around here
- Hi - hi - he said "Welcome back" with his eyes looking at what I might want
 For a second there it seemed like we knew each other from somewhere
- Oh I'm sorry - he smiled I was just thinking about how you were sipping coffee I'll have one in a minute
- It's okay it's okay - her smile stuck- Do you live around here?
- Mm-hmm A few blocks from here on the edge of the field Have a seat I'm Twilight - he held out his hand in serenity
- Anna
I got a tickle when we shook hands It was both pleasant and surprising because I've never felt this way with a woman I knew I was attracted to women but it was the first time
that I was talking to a woman who was definitely my type


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