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- Where Have you been?
Emese shrugged her shoulders because she knew it was a rhetorical question since Jani moved in with them
"Twenty chickens will be slaughtered after lunch" said his mother placing the steaming pot in the middle of the table
The chicken cut as always was in a rush: neck snip hot water plummet like the bride's wedding dress after the wedding Emese's task was to disembowel rinse cut Whenever he could and not being rushed by the next Naked Chicken he would play with their necks His mother said to him:
- Stop pulling it and curtsy it
He left some skin on each chicken neck but not all - as he saw on the beach in the case of non-chicken neck
- What you cut off put it here we'll fry it Keep it on it'll make the soup taste good
Emese used to wonder what a dick would taste like You know girls say it's better than kissing but that didn't get her anywhere He's never kissed a girl before He trusted that perhaps tomorrow all the mysteries would be solved If he has the courage why not? - so he walks up to the guys on the beach and he's like "Hey"as planned
- Stop pulling it like a dick "and suddenly Ranjani who was taking his afternoon nap in the vicinity"
- You want me to pull yours? "he answered Of course but Emese himself and in his confusion his head became a poppy
In any case this remark has given a new direction to his thoughts: What if the boys don't like the way he does it for them? I mean you've never tried it before and just because you saw it at Jani's or watched it on the beach this morning doesn't mean it's gonna work out
We're out of chickens
The imagination went on and he wished to run to the riverbank Now as long as your guts are on top as long as you don't want to Tame Your Enthusiasm from the base of a tree to peeping But boys fuck and fuck don't go to the water in the afternoon Or is it? Just because he doesn't know about it doesn't mean they can't be there right now Emese had a strange impatient excitement
Jani lying in a chair was telling me in one of her usual never-ending monologues that what we don't know could still exist
- You're damn right - she approved of you And as Jani began her lecture on the life of animals which she had heard a hundred times and before the monotony of her own tale murmured to sleep Emese decided to see for herself the sand of the river bank
The road is getting longer the waiting is more urgent
He was careful of his usual tree This morning's prints were still good on Alan and the shadows fell on him but no boys
He raised his back to the torso with his knees slightly bent touching his legs apart recalling the events of a few hours earlier By the time he got into his pants he felt how vivid the experiences were He breathed rapidly and his knees slowly folded and by the time he descended to the base of the tree heat poured over his brain his palms Almost unconsciously he smeared the thick sap on the inside of his vagina and thighs and moved his finger in and out playfully
- I can do this without fuck and fuck - he smiled as soon as he came to his senses
The evening was conducted in the usual manner with swearing and dish-breaking and Jani passed out on the bed as if she thought it was a permanent solution for the rest of her life After a short time-Emese was seated at the window - she opened the door in a voice-learning manner stopped silently at the side of her partner's bed
Emese couldn't understand the need for these visits because they could do what they wanted all night Unless it makes sense after a scheduled fight and fainting-like fall asleep her mom wants to make sure that Jani fell into a deep enough sleep
Jani snored a few times and in her sleep she must have remembered some great wisdom whose revelation she could not wait until morning or at least until her night-time drink-seeking habit Because unlike his habit perhaps because he was suddenly drunk he did not prepare his cock like a hose to end the day and she began to open the plump trousers
Emese pulled to the corner of the window to make sure he didn't miss anything  It's funny how that doesn't turn me on anymore  he thought so but he watched with interest as the hose came out The woman touched him swayed him took off the skin with practice and sat down on the edge of the bed made milking moves He seemed a little anxious - not that anything of value had often happened in the direction of Jani-and he rose again from the bed and only drew a little lightly He gave up quickly left as undaunted as he came


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