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- Clean yourselves up "Magdi's calm voice was heard again but with no resistance" - I'll go down and see who it is - He turned around with this put on a pair of sweatpants and put on a short-sleeved sweater We got dressed and cleaned up the room
- Yeah - yeah well I don't know about that perhaps-we heard fragments of his words as we opened the balcony door wide to allow fresh air to enter the room
- Here you go Come on in  Magdi's voice rang and the door closed There was a faint murmur coming from the hall and then we heard footsteps approaching from the stairwell
We sat back at the table and wondered who was coming up the stairs A tall athletic about 30 or 35 years old and behind him was a slightly shorter but very shapely black woman about the same age with long hair walking in front of Magdi The guy's got a black travel bag on his broad shoulders and a small briefcase in his hand White jeans a burgundy silk shirt which made his pecs even more prominent She wore a red and black plaid half-length skirt white blouse barely buttoned and knotted on her belly white knee socksand black flats
"Howdy" they said and with his bags gone the boy reached out to me - I'm Charlie And this is my partner Stella
"Hello" I replied stretching my hands - I'm Sanyi Them Jutka and Pisti - I introduced our friends - You met Magdi at the door
How can we help you?
- I'm not quite sure how to begin We're freshmen and we don't have much experience But I think it's best if I start right in the middle "Charlie said as they settled down"
- Well it all started with us being unemployed overnight We found an ad in the paper and we applied Lingerie house to house I know no one likes agents but before you throw us out check out a few pieces At normal prices it's good quality and it's not very available in stores so he snapped up his briefcase and took out a brochure He handed it to me and kept talking He told me how hard it is to get into people and how inhibited or duplicitous they can be
- These things don't look bad but you can always see the best side of the product in the brochure
Do you have anything or do you just want to live off this notebook? - Jutka asked
- Of course - sparkles spoke first His voice sounded like a tinkling tenderly caressing music - Which one would you be interested in? - he asked Jutka as he unzipped the travel bag
"Perhaps it is" said Jutka to a bra
'I think we are the same size' said Sparkles and his hand disappeared into the bag - 80 C Check?
- That's right  Jutka nodded when she took over the bra - How many sizes do you carry?
- Just this one If anyone likes anything we'll deliver the order the next day - We were enlightened by sparkles - How about this?  he turned to Magdi with a smaller bra in his hand
- I don't know "Magdi answered doubtless" isn't it too small?"
- If you want I can put it on and you can see what it means and what it doesn't mean - She took my bra back from my wife Stella
He got up turned around and all we could see was his back got rid of his blouse and put his hands in his bra strap A moment later he turned back and I almost passed out The not-so-small dimensions were covered by a white little rose-decorated lace-trimmed material that was just above the nipples In the middle of a small closed structure A slight touch of a finger must snap and clear the way for the beautiful velvety stretched breasts After I woke up a little I saw that Pisti had the same effect on me
- And what would you recommend for the bottom? - I was unsure
- I have matching panties - She satisfied my curiosity Stella and she took a little thing out of her purse - Are you interested in this? - He looked at me and he had a dirty smile on his face
- Yeah sure - I stutter-if I may? - Without answering she reached up her skirt pulled down her panties picked up the other one fixed it and then unzipped unbuttoned her waistband let go of her skirt The checkered material fell on the carpet He stepped out of it and with a cool insolent movement of his ankle he hurled it towards me
A tiny little triangle blocking the gates of paradise Its stems stretched almost to its hips and brought out its long thighs beautifully His whole body was Creole Brown no difference in color Neither the bra nor the panty edges were white nor could you see a brighter hue When he slowly turned around we saw his tight ass The panties are missing between her buttocks He leaned forward with complex legs like he was trying to fix his socks Her fair heart-shaped buttocks were stretched even more and the sun glistened on her soft skin()


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