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The five-man rap team's tour bus was slowly cruising the dreaded condemned suburb of Detroit The driver also felt the if not at the top but near it popular street rigmushunter guys are not in a good mood At the joint where they were performing the cops were doing a drug bust So we missed the flute party in their dressing room with the white girls who loved it One of the crackheads who could get away from ID checks and the rest of them were taken to the brig The only reason they got away without arrest was because they dropped the little plastic bags on time and the police didn't have a warrant to search the bus Plus the owner was willing to pay half of the performance fee Their supply of material is low the money is low and their balls have been producing dense stretchy delicacies for nursing amateur whores in vain
- I stayed fucking tough - he was massaging Sy the lead singer of the band It did not bother the others for at parties they usually filled the openings in front of each other alternating between them They've been through a lot of holes The horny over-stoned ten-and-twenty-year-old hobo was competing to see which one of them could squeeze more dicks and suck them flaccid There were those who looked not only at quantitative but also at qualitative aspects They swallowed or smeared the shit out of famous musicians Most people didn't mind being caught on camera Easy girls used to think it was cool to have a black rap star's erect male member pulsing through their mouths
 You're right man we're gonna have to find some Pay-Per-View bitches - he burped from the beer down Howie one of the gangbangers
- Maybe not man - the van driver called in the back On the street there was this tall white muff stumbling around apparently drunk who had already been noticed at the nightclub Her tight slutty miniskirt doesn't really cover her slightly brown thighs with a tattoo and her cut-out camouflage top has huge boobs The pink thong cuts right into his bulging ass His face is vulgar painted his mouth made for Oboe Body products in the nose and under the mouth Blonde hair with a baseball cap that doesn't cover much turns the instinctive guys on Howie and George get their tools out Dan's gonna yell at you from the slow car Brent the team manager quickly rolls down the passenger side window
- Hey Baby Can we take you somewhere? - She's got her back against the wall her legs spread out and she's got this stupid grin But when you see it it's the Black Cock Team bus snorting and giggling The hatch is opening The six passengers and the driver are excited to see the appetizing pussy that smells of women's sweat and deodorant mixed in
- Get in the car - get the girl in the passenger compartment who doesn't object His dilated pupils suggest that he was living on pot and not just alcohol He's high laughing his ass off He may not be smart when he's sober but he's a great communicator with his body He sits in the seat his legs spread out and he sticks out his tongue with a contented little grimace watching the black boys surrounding his body moan loudly muttering obscene words to comment on the spectacle The sight of the big stiff black dicks didn't embarrass her she was a fast-wet white-mouthed party girl She used to drop out of school because she loved the hustle the guys and the hook-up
- What's your name girl? - says the short fat Leo
- Rachel "and the female fan" said he in an incited voice - And you're BCT This is so cool - And now he's got his hand on the slippery tail of Sy and Howie sitting on both sides And then with his head down he goes for the targets kneeling in front of the seat he's gonna suck both dicks good He's saving it for a new mountain and he's routinely sucking on the leaking body fluid And then he turns around and he goes through the others even harder with their prancing Dick He likes to French he's good at it With his tongue he touches the trembling penis with blood in it No two dicks are the same They smell different taste different the feel of the skin elongated by erection One is smooth the other is rugged The Shape of the Acorn the foreskin can also be very different He graded the taste of sperm in the same way that winemakers grazed the vine varieties She's an experienced cock-loving whore
- You got a boyfriend Blondie? - Sy says
- Yeah - answer while spitting in the palm of your hand to reduce friction during a hand job - But you can all fuck me boys - With a soft motion she jumps her tits out of a tight dress George Leo and then the ripped bald-headed Brent will get his tongue in Rachel's mouth and then they'll stick to the nipples of the hardened pointy-sprinting bumpers They were natural milky tits the size of a football The syys are pulling her panties off when her phone rings


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