Uncle Gets Step niece Room and Fucks her

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A lot has happened since our adventure at the bar As soon as we got home we made great love thinking about what we saw I had a hard-on all night and as soon as I came I was ready to do it again Vera noticed of course how much the little adventure had increased my potential and the vague sense of shame I saw in her eyes at the bar had completely disappeared replaced by unlimited confidence He sensed that he was in control He had power over me and he enjoyed it very much He chose his partners I was just a spectator The situation was humiliating but it was perfect for me Vera's completely free she's taken all her inhibitions off He could easily pick up anyone he liked Sometimes I didn't get a chance to peek so she called me on her cell phone to at least hear what was going on I needed a place where I could always watch Sex battles My study opened from the bedroom and we cut a window into this wall and we put a special mirror that the police use in the movies in the interrogation rooms I can see everything from the inside but they can't see me To hear what's going on inside I put microphones in the room that I put on speaker
My wife works at a big advertising agency where the market is full of competition A big sporting goods company wanted to launch a new advertising campaign and hundreds of millions of businesses were being sought out by various agencies Vera was tasked with preparing the agency's plans He knew this was a great opportunity to move forward He made the material picked out the right people to advertise with The client liked the ideas as they said there were only two left to compete for the assignment They suggested a work lunch where they could make further suggestions Vera felt she was in the home stretch she didn't want to lose here He took with him the young model he intended to be the face of the campaign and who was apparently pleasing to the customer He felt this was his chance and he didn't stop at nothing to grab it
On the big day I was waiting in my office for an update when my wife sent me a text saying " Party time:) I packed up quickly and rushed home At home I threw off my clothes and sat down in my underwear in a comfortable leather chair in front of the mirror I didn't have to wait too long but less than ten minutes later a merry party arrived The two beautiful women were accompanied by three men two middle-aged and one younger in their late 20s All three seemed to be selling not only the company's products but also using them I've only known the model girl from a picture but now I've seen her in all her reality Long red hair bright green eyes white face pale freckles Her shapely breasts were proudly stretched in her tight blouse which seemed to have been examined by someone not so long ago by the hills she covered Her thigh-deep skirt was held on her hip by a wide belt His long bare feet hid him in an open sandal leaving his carefully groomed red-painted nails free Her lips were smeared with lipstick harmonizing with nail polish and on the way here she did not just use her mouth to talk My wife's appearance was a little disorganized and the men's bulging trousers made it very clear that the party had already begun in the car I found out later that they had arrived in a limousine with plenty of room for the two beautiful nymphs ' lesbian shows As soon as they got to the room Vera got right to the point She walked in on one of the middle-aged guys stuck tight to him and licked his mouth with ease And then he continued to lean on her as he smoothed the muscular body with his hands When his breast reached the height of his brain he stopped for a few moments exciting a piece of meat demanding to stretch the trousers The man put his hand on her head and made a firm gesture to let my wife know what she wanted He crouched all the way down and bit his tail through the pants holding his butt with both hands His partner groaned unbuttoned his trousers in a feverish hurry which Vera ignoring the other's excitement slowly pulled down to his ankles with the Silk bottoms The huge ready-to-fight cock came out of the grip of the suit with great force and hit the man's stomach Vera took him lightly and began to beat him slowly as she with her pink tongue licked him several times from the testicles to the Acorn stretched purple By finishing the Licking he took care of the bare scrotum with the most likely full of semen At first he was biting the skin and then with his free hand he helped the whole thing into his mouth while the huge tool was agitated with the other one at an accelerated rate
Meanwhile the others weren't idle Ágit that was the name of the model led him to the bed by the two other men while touching his beautiful body with their hands under his clothes()


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