Teen Gets Cuffed Fucked and Stuffed with Cum Creampie

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Hey guys I applied a long time ago and I usually have sex with my sister even though her niches have become my favorite But I just had a really nice exciting experience this summer That's where it all started the wife's cousin figured out how to switch kids for summer vacation The kid could have gone to a middle town in the other county and the next of kin came to us Three weeks in total Well maybe I won't make a big joke but the next of kin kid wasn't a kid anymore Imagine a 16-year-old very hot skinny tight-bodied little blonde bitch Why am I being a bitch? well he deserved it believe me a lot of people have fucked him and we do and of course so do I Well you can say it but if I got it why do you have to talk about it like that? Because it was the last time I ever got it and by that time he was torturing me making fun of me So when he came to us on a hot day at the end of July he took my breath away It's a tight little pink top half of which were her hard-ass titties Little red shorts on his ass are tense but who was a third of his bottom And he called it in when we were alone for a moment
Suddenly he turned to me:
 I see you got a good look at me you like my tits and ass old man?
All I could say was " yes" And then she left and in one afternoon she met all the boys and boys she could talk to from 18: 30 The next few days the big business started They used to wear it for ice cream espresso big city clubs kiss it touch it and soon fuck it He threw that in my face more than once and he was puffing me out of his tits and he was laughing at me And then it got worse when they came for it where it was where it was they came to us Several of them later on three of them were fucking her at the same time as she said I was going crazy with jealousy laughing at them touching them right in front of me But then it stopped because one of the dumb kids was so cool he started hitting on my wife I mean she didn't mind she probably would have fucked I guess And then I lost it and I chased them out screaming Even the little rat wanted to hit on me who hit on my wife but the other two jerks dragged her away said it was still my house
The little whore I see now has gone with them and I haven't even told you her name yet the sandpaper Three weeks passed quickly and the next morning I knew and he knew he was leaving By the way she and the missus were getting along and she was beginning to be a bad influence on Erika I've often heard him describe to her how big his dick is how he fucked her how he posed her etc You know how it is Women can get each other into the bitch business And I was also concerned that they would stay here in our residence might interest the woman And by the way that's what happenedyou almost got yourself into trouble A few weeks ago I had to go home and pick up a blueprint that I left behind and I caught my wife flirting with that little jerk who hit on us There were two of his jerk friends This happened in the local ABC parking lot I turned right over and yelled at Erica to get the hell out of here That's when the three fucking kids tried to beat me up but the district attorney had just turned in to do the shopping on duty of course and then they got out but the kid was still talking about us fucking your wife
- I almost slapped my wife at home who confessed met them by accident yesterday but today we had an appointment at ABC I gave him a hard time which made him look ashamed But just in case I told my mother-in-law and my mother to keep an eye on him Of course I told the company what happened eight guys from the brigades got in a fight and beat up three dumb kids And they didn't Dare press charges because the boys said if they did they'd be plastered in the foundation of a house So it was the last night before he left the next day I spent all day with my wife taking pictures selfies whatever In the evening there was a great deal of giggling when it completely distracted my wife Erika()


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