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Dear Diary
It was the second time we've been together since it happened and it was a hell of a fuck Since we're not a couple maybe I enjoy having sex with her even more That crazy love we had for each other was replaced by an accomplice friendship At first we didn't want to admit that the physical attraction was still alive but it gradually became more and more apparent and tried to break through until we finally surrendered to it Somehow I was relieved of the pressure that it meant that I wanted to live up to it; I wanted her to think I was sexy and I wanted her to think I was smart so she'd love me so she'd enjoy making love to me Now it's all gone I feel like he gave me everything a woman could get from a man or what I could subconsciously desire: love passion the most beautiful child I never wished for marriage I don't believe in marriage actually I don't believe in post-marriage passion
I still consider him to be the most beautiful and desirable man I've ever met but now I have no anxiety no compulsion to want more and more of his life I know that if he fucks me he does it because he wants me and he wants to fuck me and that's all I care about It's pure sensuality meat versus meat and I find that beautiful in your filth I think fucking each other rough and luscious is a form of revenge for both of us maybe revenge for lost love There's nothing sweeter
By the time we met I was so overwhelmed with desire that it almost hurt My pussy was throbbing it was wet and slippery just waiting for that prick to get in When he arrived I wanted to shove him on a bed and put my pussy on his mouth and order him to lick me Or I would have just sat on it and pulled myself on that beautiful cock of his to ride it I didn't because when I saw her I was so overwhelmed by the desire that I was nothing but my own begging cunt ready to surrender to her cock I wished he could do with me what he wanted and as if he could sense it he leaned over from the driver's seat and all of a sudden he taped his mouth to mine and we were in the middle of it with our usual kiss of Pussy-waxing and cock-blocking That hasn't changed at all as if the world didn't exist when he kissed me I'm losing my mind
My legs opened my hips started to move I wanted his tongue so bad it killed me He was just circling my inner thigh with his fingers but he was only touching the area of my pussy which was already hot and desire was radiating painfully into my lower abdomen Then suddenly he took his mouth off mine and looked me in the eye and I knew what was coming The moment that went by until his tongue touched my pussy seemed like a long fucking time At first he just watched like he was measuring how to get started All I felt was his breath and then gently with the tip of his tongue he parted the lips I like this little tickle feeling I get down there it goes up to my throat And then slowly but hard enough he licked me all the way down to my butt and one more time It took my breath away I love this
And then he got to the good work He pulled my pussy apart and played with the tip of his tongue on my clitoris kissing my pussy like it was kissing my lips I tried to spread my legs more so I could get more of it And then he stuck his tongue in the hole where his dick would soon be and while he was moving it around in me his chin put so much beautiful pressure on my clitoris that I thought I was going crazy Oh my God He licks like a God Finally he called his fingers to help He put his middle finger in me first While he was still licking me he felt my G-spot which he showed me back in the day and he began to massage it with his usual beautiful technique You know my body you know what I want and you give it to mein fact it's always one more By then I was so close to pleasure one finger wasn't enough I don't know how many fingers he had in me but I felt his whole hand disappearing into my pussy He fucked me so hard with his fingers he didn't Kiss Me Maybe he didn't even look at me but I wasn't listening I was just holding on to him holding on to what I had It could have hurt him but I could hear the lust from his breath even enjoy the pain just like I did The world was gone as if everything were covered in dark fog and the pleasure had been poured upon me as it has rarely been in my life
Now it's my turn After a short kiss which I only needed because I love the taste of my own mouth my mouth was on his dick I love that every time I get there he's ready to fight I love the way his dick looks hard it's beautiful First I licked it then I played with the tip of my tongue a little bit with the end Forgetting everything I Kissed that beautiful body part unscrupulous the way she kissed my pussy()


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