Tiny Teen Sis Ellie Eilish Caught Banging in crowded Public Library

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I sat up in bed panicky I was wheezing I was cold and every part of me was a desperate escape throbbing for minutes I couldn't remember the dream that woke me up like this I've never remembered any of the things I've escaped so much from being awake As I looked around the room all I could see was my usual routine My pants were on the floor where I dropped them last night My laptop next to it also on the ground with a bunch of scribbled paper Everything around me was gray and almost boring in a calming way I sat on my lap with my blanket staring out the window destroyed For many minutes I watched the dawn gleam gently crawl into the sky It's not the first time It became a habit of mine to watch the sky until my body calmed down The clouds as they swam in a hurry when they were chased by the wind or the light of the last stars that barely flashed I threw myself on my pillow tired My eyes were closed but I couldn't sleep
It's been that way ever since I could almost see the silver locks glistening when they fell in my face I couldn't understand myself why this picture was left of her In fact the memory of the man from over there was fading His name He called himself Lennath He may have freed me from something but he left me here with dreams I'd never had before In real life at least I could see it feel the danger If I didn't know what they were what I was running from but at least I could see them feel their closeness And last thing I remember This time however I had to accept again that I was never going to be able to recall my dream
"How much I hate you for this" I whispered in the silence of the room and listened intently
I didn't like to talk to myself when I was surrounded by a dead silence Yet I've done it so many times even though I was terrified that someone would answer me And while my fear was not unfounded it has never happened Like that troubled tired Dawn
There was a warm autumn wind outside The pleasant yellow light of the street lamps reflected on the window glass through which I gazed out at the people who were walking on time
- Yana "the smiling man sitting across from me touched my arm gently"
I almost flinched from the sudden touch
"I'm sorry" I closed my eyes
I was distracted distracted Even with a humorous man sitting across from me he's almost too nice His brown eyes glistened with interest and attention but I couldn't quite be there to be with him And even though I've met Nareq for the fourth time I kind of felt like I couldn't
- What's the matter? - he asked carefully
I sighed He waited quietly I didn't know how to get into it I didn't even know how much I wanted to tell him
"It's a long time" I said
I was tired I didn't want to think I didn't want to think I didn't want to think I didn't want to talk about things I didn't know what they were hiding My dreams had to be somewhere in my head I just didn't know how to get to them In the end I found that this was not the category to be told at the beginning of a relationship
- I'm tired  you know I haven't been sleeping very well lately
"I see" nodded Nareq with compassion and stopped asking
I tried to have fun with him in that half hour we spent at the coffee shop but I couldn't I was completely preoccupied with my problem-the other side The fact that he was mixed up with the human world at all Everyone knew that it existed and that there was enough open passage to us from beyond but hardly anyone talked about it It made me feel like an outsider to normal people It's been many many years since the other side became part of my everyday life
As we were about to leave I managed to prevent Nareq's courtesy from helping me with my coat I didn't like being too polite It made me feel like the other one was trying too hard to get in my life When we stepped out on the street I shuddered by the cool air I took swift steps forcing the man to do the same As understanding and kind as he was I still wanted to get away from him We slowly got out of the crowd of people at the mall My eyes continued to sweep the pavement but when I looked up I couldn't believe my eyes Shortly before I noticed a tangled silvery hairline I wanted to catch up with him so I could look him in the eye so I could see his face I wanted to know if it was him but that's when Nareq stood by me I was disappointed that we arrived at the bus stop()


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