No mercy! EXTREMELY PAINFUL ANAL CREAMPIE – roughest sex ever at 3.40

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I have a surprise for you
The room this time the place of pleasure is lit by the light of millions of candles There's a sensuously slow song playing By the candlelight my movements cast a mysterious shadow over the walls The rocking rhythm of music is involuntary in my body as I slowly begin to undress I'm going to come out of my blouse gently caress my neck and I'm going down my breasts for a moment and then I'm going to caress my tummy I gently pull down the skirt that pops out a sensuously seductive garter Yeah that's part of the surprise : - )
All I have left is lace panties bras stockings and suspenders and everything looks black I love black You too? I'm slowly circling with my hips as I caress my body almost matching the rhythm of the music With my eyes closed I enjoy the sensual moments I'll turn around so you can admire me from behind I slowly bend over my legs and roll the stockings down to get them off Then I take off the bra while I'm still standing back and when I turn around I cover those two beautiful pears with my hands I can see in your eyes that you like every move I make and I realize that you already have excitement in your body I slide my hands up my neck on my face and my breasts are free to eat Panties and suspenders that's all I'm wearing I caress my pussy my butt and sometimes I turn around my shaft so you can enjoy these moves
I gently slide my hands into my panties and slowly pull them down When I hold it in my hand I lift it up to my face and inhale the smell of pussy that is unlike anything else I'll kiss the lace and throw it to you
You get greedy after it so you can smell the scent that fills it I'm stroking my body my hands are on my naked pussy I slowly descend and reach down the floor The carpet caresses my skin it feels really good I get up on my knees and stroke my breasts and my nipples get harder and harder until they're stiff and stiff()


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