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I haven't completely woken up yet but somewhere in the back of my mind I've heard the silent patter the noise I woke up slowly the dawn light was shining in my eyes through the window
Oh Charlie's getting ready Then I felt GRETI's weight on my arm which was already pretty numb I opened my eyes and I saw what I felt GRETI's mouth was a little open and he was drooling on my arm I smiled She slept like a baby snuggling with me in fetal position Now I slept in the middle so that I could enjoy the velvety skin on my chest the soft chest hair on my back and the soft chest hair on my back I am trying to catch both of us I liked being in a sandwich like this Between the two people I love more than anything in the world
He came quietly to the bedside table and I heard the usual murmurs: the silence of his golden armband the metallic clanking of his watch and the rifling in his little box to choose which signet ring to wear He had three and we're about to give him a fourth He collected them Our anniversary is coming up That reminds me GRETI was moving on my arm changing positions
Charlie approached with soft steps I knew every little move of his body and it was home to me He leaned over US:
- Good morning my beauties
- Good morning my Lord and Master I smiled at him and stroked his face
- That's not true but it's nice to hear we smiled at GRETI who took on the well-known twisted posture that indicated that she wasn't really asleep but she hadn't woken up yet
Charlie sat down on the edge of the bed and focused on me and the girl GRETI stretched out his left arm and put it on his thigh His eyes were still closed Charlie's eyes finally settled down on me
I looked the man in the eye with a researcher stroking the well-known face with my eyes I always get weak when he looks at me like that full of love and love Then he asked me softly:
- You're not staying in bed all day are you??? - it wasn't all a question without an ulterior motive and I pondered the possibilities
- I'm afraid I can't because someone couldn't make the mother-in-law visit yesterday - I spoke a little harshly –
- So I have to make up for it - GRETI promised her mother she'd come up with one of us today to help clean up and clean up - But I think Mrs He thought of you and not me
He tried to hide his satisfaction but he couldn't He didn't really want to
 Sorry babe I had to work You know you have to support the family - He was grinning wide
He kissed me on the mouth I was smelt with the perfume we gave her not so long ago You know very well that I'm not a big fan of kissing after waking up in the morning and of course you never miss giving me a deep tongue Of course GRETI is just like you
I let him sneak into my mouth gently like he was getting to know me and then he calls my tongue to play and then he takes possession of my mouth I'm weak with pleasure I enjoy it I'll caress her freshly shaved face
Slowly leave my lips leaving a breath of menthol I can see the anguish in his eyes and he's not happy that he has to go to a team-building retreat at the end of the week Deep sigh no shame in his weakness:
- I'm gonna miss you guys…
He looks down plays with his right hand GRETI's hair Then it points to a point on the girl's neck
He's not talking he's just raising his eyebrows In the corner of your mouth smile plays
Of course I can't get away with it I'll never get away with it We stare at the discolored stain on GRETI's neck which of course I left again He reaches out with his index finger and caresses her skin GRETI decides to wake up now
- You're leaving? "he asks in a sleepy voice he can hardly keep his eyes open" She grabs a man's hand and kisses him in the palm of her hand
- Yes honey I have to go
Now he caresses GRETI with his eyes then bows to her and kisses her on the lips He plays with his mouth a little Then he looks at me and GRETI caresses her with his right hand my left hand I'll caress her hand as she touches my face He sighs heavily from the bed
 I promise it's the end of the last week of work
- You're so lucky you said that I murmur in my teeth
- You owe me a lot of orgasms - GRETI adds And then falls back on the pillow
- I miss you so much - let's say it at the same time
- Especially your beautiful cock - GRETI adds And I am enthusiastic about it Hm Looks like she woke up fast
 I know they only loved me for my body - he's smiling
- You don't even bring coffee to bed these days…
 Well my pillow says that you guys have a good time without me GRETI and I had an accomplice
- It's not our fault we like to lick - we looked innocent at the man


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